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And finally a demo about web

You know, of all the demos we released and blogged about yesterday, turns out none were really a web app. "How could this be?! How could the Trolls forget about the web?" you may be asking. (or not, I mean, no one posted anything in the blogs as of the time of writing this blog)

Say no more, here's your web demo:

This demo is called "webscraps" and was developed by former forever Troll Girish and his friend and business partner Roopesh. The source code, of course, is available on Labs: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/webscraps.

So what does this demo do? It allows you to create a scrap collection of webpages and websites. Often you're interested in just the "news" section of a website that may not provide an RSS feed for you to be up-to-date. For example, you could configure it to watch blue-grey central banner of the Qt Homepage.

But that's not it. I mean, from what I've described so far, we could do since Qt 4.4, with QtWebKit. No... this is really a Qt 4.6 demo. For starters, it also makes use of our Animations Framework as well as the States and Transitions one. And in order to do that, it uses QGraphicsWebView, which is also a new feature in Qt 4.6. It's a very complete demo for what Qt can do and how you can integrate Web content into a Qt application.

Now, I tried the demo on my N900, but with WebKit in debug mode it runs painfully slow. I couldn't run it in release mode because then it crashes (I think it's my toolchain, though, since most QtScript unit tests also crash).

Anyone wants to give a hand? We'd like to see this running fast, so it's a great opportunity to flex your optimisation muscles and play with the new QGraphicsWebView, Animations, States and Transitions APIs. Contributions are welcome.

Good hacking!

PS: Why it fell to me to blog about Web and Graphics View, I am not sure. Maybe they couldn't decide who should blog (similarly as they couldn't decide for a time if it should be called QGraphicsWebView or QWebGraphicsView). Or they thought that as a Product Manager I would have time on my hands... :-)

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