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Last 2 weeks (7/8) in QtWebKit trunk

Looots of things happened while I was on vacation :). Among other things a new backend for audio/video elements using the Qt Multimedia framework and initial work on WebGL support.

  • Antti implemented a QGraphicsWebView::resizesToContents property (34885).
  • Robert added Web Inspector support to the Qt DRT, adding another 27 more tests (33096).
  • Jedrzej fixed QScriptValue::toIntXXX methods (34847).
  • Noam implemented support for passing QWebElement objects though JavaScript (34901) and fixed a Canvas clipping bug in GraphicsContextQt (r32405).
  • Ariya implemented QWebFrame::scrollToAnchor (29856).
  • Yael fixed a bug with SVGs not being rendered when used as background-image from a data URI (33630).
  • Noam fixed support for perspective and 3D transforms with the Qt implementation of GraphicsLayer (34960).
  • Diego fixed Qt DRT issues (35131, 34955).
  • Andras added support for text zooming to Qt DRT's EventSender (35159).
  • Nicholas implemented a new backend for Video and Audio elements based on the Qt Multimedia Framework (34631).
  • Afterwards Noam connected this new backend to the Qt GraphicsLayer implementation, to allow the QGraphicsVideoItem of the MediaControl to become part of the GraphicsLayer's scene (35276).
  • Laszlo made the Qt DRT compile on Symbian (31589).
  • Jesus removed QGVLauncher from the tree. It's all been merged now into WebKitTools/QtLauncher (35292).
  • Jarkko landed a first version of WebGL support for the Qt build (35153).
  • Jocelyn and Lars created a script that allows a build of the combined WebKit sources on Symbian, allowing us to work around bugs in the toolchain and finally create debug builds for arm with rvct (https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-qt/2010-February/000149.html).

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