This week’s (10) weigh-in for QtWebKit trunk

This week's heaviest contributions were Antonio's directional navigation and Benjamin's scrolling optimization for pages with fixed positioned elements.

  • Antonio landed his work for spatial navigation, making it possible to navigate through links and widgets with the cursor keys. The long list of patches also includes layout test coverage, DRT support and a flag in QWebSettings for toggling the feature (18662).
  • Holger fixed a bug where non-animated gifs were animated (35955).
  • Robert added support for running caret browsing layout tests in the Qt DRT (35593).
  • Chang fixed a bug with parsing CSS colors (22150).
  • The network state notifier JS API is now enabled when compiling the trunk against Qt 4.7 (35983).
  • Support for accelerated compositing is now enabled by default, when using QGraphicsWebView (35866).
  • Benjamin implemented an optimization to avoid full frame renderings when scrolling pages with fixed positioned elements. If there are only a few of these elements present, then most of the pixels are still blitted (33150).
  • Jesus added a fullscreen mode to QtLauncher (35755).
  • Zoltan continues to spread the use of FastMallocBase to increase the coverage of custom allocators (35857, 35855).
  • Jedrzej fixed two QtScript issues (35577, 35577).
  • Diego fixed a bunch of failing layout tests with access key modifiers (35993).
  • Props to Chang and the Szeged developers for keeping up with layout test updates :)

Note that I'm only listing changes here that actually landed in the trunk. There's quite a bit more work going on behind the scenes and in bugzilla.

All these changes are also included in this week's experimental build, for Linux, Mac, Windows, Symbian and Maemo5.

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