Last week (12) in QtWebKit trunk

Last week we created our release branch for the QtWebKit 2.0 release. We're cherry-picking a lot of the fixes that land in the trunk into the release branch, but otherwise keep it free from new features and instabilities. Thanks to the Szeged hackers we also have a bot watching over the branch by building it and running the layout tests.

  • Luiz worked on getting select elements rendered as menu lists for Maemo 5 (36006, 36186, 36367).
  • Jedrzej upstreamed an initial version of QScriptProgram and QScriptSyntaxCheckResult (36008, 36123).
  • Kim fixed a bug with transform-animations in GraphicsLayerQt (35520).
  • Kristian fixed a bug with the virtual keyboard not showing up with QGraphicsWebView due to missing updateMicroFocus() calls (36292).
  • Yi fixed a bug with text selections through the virtual keyboard / input methods (35933).
  • Jakub fixed a bad bug with unnecessary QLineEdit constructions when drawing text fields (36373) as well as misrendering of text fields with the Oxygen style (36413).
  • Siddharth implemented a brand new memory allocator for Symbian for the JSC Collector heap (34350).
  • Kent and Shu started cleaning up the API docs (36447, 36522, 31560, 36609).
  • Qi fixed rendering bugs with arcs, pattern fills and gradients in the canvas (36296, 34477, 36444, 35005).
  • Laszlo removed plenty of #ifdefs that were kept around to compile with Qt 4.4 (36389).
  • Anders, Jesus, Luiz and Yael fixed crashes in QGraphicsWebView (32670, 36436, 35251).
  • Kenneth implemented support for DOM Level 3 custom events (35703).
  • Tor Arne fixed a bug with scrollbars sometimes covering the sizegrip (21300).
  • Jesus added an option to run QtLauncher with an OpenGL viewport (36270).
  • Jocelyn reworked the build system to build JavaScriptCore as a static library (36590). This allows applying different compiler flags to the JavaScriptCore build and is an important step towards the separation from the QtWebKit library.
  • Chang fixed a failing HTTP appcache test due to a double cancellation of the QNetworkReply (36618).

All these changes are contained in this week's weekly build. There are two sets of packages now, one build straight from the trunk and one set of packages from the 2.0 release branch we're trying to stabilize. When reporting bugs, please try to reproduce your issues with the weekly builds.

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