Qt or HTML5

A multi-million dollar question

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In this white paper, Burkhard Stubert explains how he could save one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers millions of Euros by choosing Qt over HTML. The secret? Qt scales down to lower-end hardware a lot better, without sacrificing user experience. Discover more:

  • Recap of ARM SoCs 
  • Scaling Down on Embedded Devices 
  • UI/UX Requirements, Performance and Startup Times
  • ROI Calculation

With a five times smaller footprint, four to eight times lower RAM requirements and a more efficient rendering flow than HTML, Qt provides faster start-up times and maintains the cherished 60fps and 100ms response time, where HTML would struggle. The calculations show that being able to just downgrade your SoC by just one tier like this, Qt can reduce your hardware costs by over 53%.

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