Code of Conduct


Business ethics set the moral standards for conducting business. This Code of Conduct sets the ethical standards and guidelines that we expect every Qt Group employee, subcontractor, vendor and partner to comply with and respect when

  • at the workplace or work-related events, or
  • when conducting business on behalf of Qt Group, or
  • outside of the workplace, but when a person is representing Qt or interacting with Qt customers or partners, or colleagues in relation to the workplace.

The contents of this Code of Conduct may address issues, which are also stipulated in local or regional legislation, in which case the contents of this Code of Conduct as well as any possible discrepancies are to be interpreted according to the applicable legislation.  


The basis for the Code of Conduct is our Company values that define our key principles on how we behave as Qt employees and representatives.

Innovation. Our software is the catalyst to cutting edge products and solutions.

Collaboration. Collaboration is at the center of the way we work.

Transparency. We encourage open lines of communication among our employees.


We are all responsible for making Qt Group a workplace where we respect each other and treat everyone equally, regardless of country, role, function, or gender. Trust is a fundamental key ingredient that never changes, no matter where we are in the world. This Code of Conduct applies to Qt Group employees, subcontractors, vendors and partners.


1. We do the right thing

We conduct our business with sincere professionalism, honesty and integrity, and to the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards. We keep our promises and take care of our own employees and the people and firms we do business with. We develop working partnerships that are fair, responsible and mutually beneficial.

Besides our internal policies and procedures, we follow all the applicable international and national laws and regulations in our daily business operations.  Our rule is simple - we do not approve of corrupt business practices and refuse to take part in any act of bribery as is detailed in Qt Group’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy.

We are good citizens in all communities we are part of, and promote sustainable practices. We comply with environmental regulations in all countries we operate in and are committed to transparent communications on the environmental impact of Qt Group. We take the initiative to constantly review and improve our practices and we have the ambition to achieve excellence in everything we do, and consistently deliver the best possible service to our customers.


2. We create a positive working environment

We are committed to act according to the values as declared within the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We treat each other with respect and equally regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, nationality, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political status.

We are committed to having an open, inspiring, and healthy work environment where employees have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and contribute to our company’s vision and targets. We encourage a healthy balance between work and personal life.

We treat each other with respect, we are sensitive of the language we use, and we do not accept bad behavior. We act professionally in all communication and collaboration we have internally and externally. We foster an environment of cooperation and openness.

We give equal opportunities for personal growth and career development, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disabilities, nationality, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political affiliations, marital or economic status, or position within the company. We do not tolerate sexual, physical, and psychological violence and harassment or any form of discrimination, abuse, intimidation and workplace bullying. We will investigate any suspicion of misconduct and have defined a process for taking active measures in response to misconduct depending on the severity of the case.


3. We avoid conflicts of interest

We shall not allow personal considerations or relationships improperly influence our business decisions. As employees, we follow our employment contracts and do not engage in any unapproved outside business or perform any commercially related activities that compete with the Qt Group. For clarification, the simple purchase, holding, trade, or sale of publicly-traded stock does not, in and of itself, constitute a competitive activity so long as employment contracts are abided by. As a company, we do not promote political stands and do not give financial or other support to individual politicians, political parties or institutions.

We accept only minimal and customary business gifts (such as business lunch) according to acceptable local practices but other than that we do not accept gifts, entertainment nor any other business courtesies from a business partner or anyone seeking a business partnership with us as it can easily create the appearance of a conflict of interest.

We seek to avoid situations that may negatively affect our customers, colleagues, our business, or create conflicts of interest. At the same time, Qt values our employees’ private life and does not seek to interfere with personal relationships of employees. To achieve both, we must openly address a situation where a person does not take unbiased or objective decisions in the best interests of the company (e.g., if the person is the manager of someone with whom they have a personal relationship). Whoever observes or experiences such a situation is asked to address with for both parties together with HR to find a solution (e.g., via a change in position or other working arrangements). In any case, you are not allowed to use your position at the company to advance personal interests, or those of a friend or relative, at the expense of the company’s interests.

We follow the rules and regulations on Insider Trading. Using information that is not known to the public, and which might significantly impact the price of Qt Group’s shares or other financial instruments, is prohibited by law.


4. We protect our data, assets and reputation

We respect the privacy of data relating to individuals (whether employees, third parties, customers), which our company may hold or handle as part of information processing activities. We comply with privacy laws and regulations when personal data is collected, stored, processed, transmitted, or shared.

We are committed to follow applicable accounting principles and standards, to report financial information accurately and completely, and to have appropriate internal processes to ensure that accounting and financial reporting is true and reliable. As a publicly listed company, we follow all applicable rules and regulations concerning the publishing of information related to the Qt Group.

To ensure accurate reporting our company employs auditors to whom we provide accurate, timely and truthful information and cooperate fully with any audit or related investigation. We comply with all money laundering laws and do not participate in illegal activities.

We are committed to maintaining and providing truthful information that fully satisfies applicable legal requirements. We do not tolerate falsification or improper alteration of records. If we believe some records have been intentionally falsified, we take actions to report that immediately.


5. We act on concerns and violations

We expect all Qt Group’s employees, subcontractors, vendors and partners to abide with the rules and guidelines set in the Code of Conduct and all applicable legislation. If anyone suspects violations or misconduct, they are encouraged to report the event through Whistleblowing Channel at https://app.falcony.io/qt-wb/links/whistleblowing

The channel is provided by an external service provider to ensure its confidentiality. The notices sent in the service are only readable by CFO; Senior Vice President, Human Resources; and General Counsel at the Qt Group. All notifications will be treated with confidence.

We investigate all reports to fully understand what the case is all about and consequently what is the impact and risk and what actions are needed. We will investigate any suspicion of misconduct and have defined a process for taking active measures in response to misconduct depending on the severity of the case. We ensure that any Qt Group employee who makes a whistleblowing report is protected from any repercussions such as dismissal or other forms of reprisals.