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Want to make sure you are up-to-date with all the latest and greatest in the Qt ecosystem? Find a curated list of free tutorials, tech talks, demos, and other content designed to help hone your skills.

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Our top picks from The Qt Company's learning resources

Qt has so many applications across professions, industries, hardware, and even programming languages; sometimes, it can be hard to find out where to start. The categorized list below will help point you in the right direction, and remember the full list of content can always be found in our existing resource center.

Qt Creator-1024

Qt Creator IDE

Representing the heart of Qt, the fully-featured and widely popular IDE is definitely worth the effort to master. Take some time to browse the documentation and learning materials before diving in.


View Qt Creator documentation


An introduction to Qt Creator IDE

In the recent Qt Virtual Tech Summit 2020, Qt's Tobias Hunger gave a fantastic talk on how to get started with Qt Creator

Watch the talk from QtVTC

How to create a plugin for Qt Creator

Davide Coppola from Viking software gave a live talk in Berlin on how to go about creating plugins for Qt Creator. 

Watch the QtWS talk

Build and run your embedded applications faster with Qt Creator and Docker

Want to get a bit more advanced. Let's explore optimization in this guest webinar with friend and expert of Qt, Burkhard Stubert.

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Online Webinar Sep 4, 2020

Get started with Qt

To get a first peek into one of the world's most popular IDEs, join this webinar where a pre-sales engineer from The Qt Company will explain how Qt Creator works and answer your questions live.

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Qt Design Studio

Imagine being able to generate code in the background whilst designing your latest GUI. Qt Design Studio allows for a completely seamless workflow between designers and developers for creating mind-blowing user experiences in record-breaking times.


View Qt Design Studio Documentation

Qt Design Studio Quick Tips

Packed schedule? Here is a series of bite-sized tutorials to give you handy tips on making the most of Qt Design Studio's primary features.

View part one: UI navigation

Sketch - Qt Design Studio Bridge

Did you know, alongside Photoshop, Qt Design Studio now offers a bridge for Sketch, so you can directly import your design assets?

Watch tutorial video

Qt Design Studio and Software Development Integration

Set aside an hour to really get to grips with everything that Qt Design Studio has to offer.

Watch on-demand webinar

Online Webinar Sep 2, 2020

Top 10 UI Trends 2020

Co-hosted by Dr. Antti Aaltonen (previously Head of UX at Rovio, the studio behind the Angry Birds series), this webinar is sure to get you up-to-date on 2020's best UI implementation methods across embedded, desktop and mobile. Register now for free.

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Want to share your knowledge?

Have you already mastered the ins and outs of Qt, and want to help others get started? Send us a message to the official Qt account on Twitter and we would be happy to help promote your complimentary content, professor!

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QML for MCUs

Qt Quick/QML

Qt Quick is a module providing a standard library for writing QML based applications. Mastering Qt Quick will give you the complete skill set to lay the foundations of a cracking GUI. Take a peek at some suggested learning resources below to get started.


View Qt Quick documentation

QML/ Qt Quick Best Practices Guide

This guide will help you understand where QML excels, but also points out situations where it is perhaps not applicable.

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New QML language features in Qt 5.15

5.15 brings even more functionality and ease-of-life improvements to QML. To amke sure you are aware of changes to required properties, inline components and more, check out this blog post

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Qt Quick: What could possibly go wrong?

Want to learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid the pitfalls of software development? Jeremias Bosch has identified those mistakes so you don't have to.

Watch the QtWS talk

Online Webinar Aug 19, 2020

Get Started with creating UIs on Nitrogen8 SBCs and SOMs

This webinar will show you step-by-step how to get started developing UIs with Qt on Boundary Devices hardware within minutes.

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Qt for MCUs


Qt for MCUs, now in its 1.3 version release, is a ground-breaking graphics framework and toolkit for designing and developing smartphone-like user experiences that can run within the tight memory constraints of simple microcontroller-based setups. Master the offering to provide game-changing savings to your product by allowing the use of ultra-low-cost hardware.


View 'Qt for MCUs' documentation

Build Your First 'Qt for MCUs application'

Starting from scratch? This tutorial video will take you through the entire process fo designing and developing a working application with 'Qt for MCUs'.

Watch tutorial video

How to Create a Ventilator UI for MCUs overnight

We join our partners Siili Auto in a topical webinar showing how a ventilator UI, running on an MCU, can be built in just one sitting.

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Qt for MCUs Content Stream

Not enough MCU-goodness for you here? Check out the full Qt for MCUs stream for even more helpful content, including demos, tutorials, and more.

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Online Forum LIVE

Qt for MCUs Forum

Join the conversation by entering the official Qt for MCUs forum. Ask for help, tips, news and learn from the experiences of others.

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Join an official training 

Sometimes you need the guidance of a Qt expert, and self-learning just won't cut it. The Qt Company, along with our partners, provide various training courses availiable for you and your team. These courses are usually carried out on or off-site, but due to the current circumstances options, are availible for online coaching

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One of Qt's greatest strenghts is in providing the tools, libraries and just about everything anyone would need when developing modern GUIs for embedded devices. To bolster your embedded development skills, have a browse of the content below.


View Qt for Embedded Linux documentation

Introduction to Qt for Embedded Technologies

Dive into Qt's embedded functionality, hear a customer describe their use case and follow the Q and A session. This is agreat place to start!

Watch on-demand webinar

Getting Started with Yocto and eLinux

This is hands-on session will get you started with setting up and configuring Qt Creator on four different hardware boards, deploy your first application and get familiar with the basics of debugging.

Watch on-demand webinar

Advanced session on Yocto and eLinux

This hands-on advanced session on how to edit your B2Qt image and Yocto based Embedded Linux. Samuli, a principal software engineer at The Qt Company, will teach you how to remove and add features to optimize your target system.

Watch QtVTC talk

Online Forum LIVE

Qt for Embedded Forum

Join the conversation by entering the official embedded/mobile section of our forum. Ask for help, tips, news and learn from the experiences of others.

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