Automated GUI Testing for iOS Apps

Use Squish as your GUI testing tool to automate tests of any iOS Apps on (non-rooted!) iPhone- and iPad devices as well as the Simulator. Squish can be used from Windows or macOS to develop and drive the automated iOS GUI tests. Scripts created on iOS Simulator and iOS devices work interchangeably without modification.

Squish includes dedicated test automation support for:

  • Standard Cocoa Touch controls
  • Complex Cocoa Touch controls (Spinner, Date Picker, Time Picker, Gestures)
  • Web testing within device or simulator web browser or embedded web content 
  • Script access to the complete Cocoa Touch API
  • Access to all standard and complex objects and object properties
  • Multi-application and multi-device tests

GUI Toolkits

  • Cocoa Touch
  • Qt

GUI Controls

  • Standard controls
  • Complex views
  • Chooser
  • Date/Timer picker
  • Gestures
  • Multi-touch Gestures

Script Access

  • All classes
  • All methods
  • All properties

Supported Platforms

iOS 3.0 – current

  • iOS Simulator
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch