QAComplete, a software test and requirements management tool, enables teams of any development methodology to achieve traceability across test cases, requirements and defects through the management of these items across a release lifecycle. It is offered as a cloud-based, SaaS service or as an on-premises version.

QAComplete integrates with Squish Test Center to provide traceability and result synchronization between the two systems.



Traceability View

Squish Test Center’s built-in Traceability View enables users to view the requirements and tests managed by QAComplete and the associated tests managed by Squish Test Center. Test Center users can populate the Traceability View by fetching items from their QAComplete server with a click of a button (known as ‘Pulling’). Once the requirements from QAComplete are known to Test Center, they can be mapped to Squish tests stored in the Test Center database. A Requirements Traceability Matrix Export (RTM-Export) feature is also available.

System Backlinks

To establish traceability between QAComplete and Squish Test Center, users can enable backlinks to appear within their QAComplete instance which redirect to Test Center’s Explore page. Each link is for a test item, and these links are updated upon each Pull operation from within Test Center.

Automatic Result Synchronization

To achieve traceability, test results uploaded to Squish Test Center need to be linked to the test items in the QAComplete system. The Traceability View provides capabilities to manage this mapping, either automatically or through manual, custom mapping. Once established, you can begin pushing results to QAComplete or pulling tests from QAComplete into Squish Test Center. These push and pull operations can be automated through a command line utility, such that results are pushed whenever new test results are uploaded to Test Center.


  • Access to a QAComplete web server (cloud or on-premises), with authentication credentials.
  • Test Center Administrator privileges to enable and configure the integration.
  • Test Center User privileges to access the integration.


More information can be found in our documentation.

Test Sets, Releases and Configurations

QAComplete users will be familiar with Test Sets, Releases and Configurations, identifiers which QAComplete uses to organize requirements, tests, tasks and defects across a release cycle. Squish Test Center has labels specific to QAComplete Test Sets, Releases and Configurations that can be set upon uploading the Squish test outcomes to Test Center. When results are pushed to QAComplete, the identifier (e.g., a specific web browser configuration or a release version) will be set for the results.