TestRail is a web-based test case management software used by QA and development teams to manage test runs, track and report results, and organize a team’s overall testing efforts.

TestRail integrates with Squish Test Center to automate pushing and pulling of results between the two systems, and allows for automated Squish test executions to be triggered from within TestRail. The core features of the integration include:


Project Mapping & Traceability

With already existing projects defined in your TestRail instance, you can sync these projects and associated test cases with Squish Test Center’s database. To establish traceability, Test Center supports mapping tests contained in your Test Center instance to your TestRail test cases. These tests are not limited only to Squish GUI tests, but can include xUnit XML results, too.

You can then push the results to TestRail, which will automatically create a new TestRail run. The results of your executions will appear in TestRail’s project dashboard and can be used for reporting from within TestRail. A backlink to Test Center’s Explore page for each mapped test in Test Center will also appear in your TestRail instance. In the Explore page, you’ll get a detailed view of verifications, screenshots of your application’s state upon failures, and more.


Execution Scheduling

You can trigger executions of your Squish GUI tests from within your TestRail instance. To configure this, you will need to add a UI script and trigger script to TestRail (provided in our online documentation.) An Execute Associated Squish Test(s) button will appear on the TestRail case, suite, run and plan view pages. With an established mapping between TestRail test cases and your Squish tests, you can click the button to execute your GUI tests, which would then upload the results directly to Squish Test Center. A Scheduler page in Test Center lists the triggered executions.


  • Access to a TestRail instance (cloud- or server-based), with API-key authentication credentials.
  • Test Center Administrator privileges to enable and configure the TestRail integration.
  • Test Center User privileges to access the integration.
  • Triggering executions from within TestRail requires the server version of TestRail with an API access enabled Squish Test Center license. To configure this feature, Administrator access to your TestRail instance is required. A UI script and a trigger script is required to complete the configuration, both of which are available in our online documentation.


More information can be found in our documentation.