Qt vs. HTML5

Software can live for over 20 years, and  picking the right development platform has a long-term impact on overall cost, development time and user experience. Two independent software engineering companies have compared Qt with HTML5 and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Sit back in your most comfortable chair, your favourite beverage by your side and enjoy a good read! Here are three page-turners you will not want to put down. sequality CEO Stefan Larndorfer conducts a full-stack comparison of Qt and HTML, and shows the results of developing same application in both QML and HTML5. Embedded Use CEO Burkhard Stubert shares his research on how Qt can save you 50% of hardware costs.

The Full-Stack Comparison

HTML 5 Whitepaper-1

This white paper by sequality software engineering compares HTML5 and Qt software architectures including their backend software layers. Increase your awareness of which technology better fits which situation, when it makes sense to combine the two, and how to make sure you plan for an open, scalable architecture.sequality_logo_transparent

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Qt or HTML?
A Million Dollar Question

This white paper explains how and why one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers could save millions by using Qt over HTML and how you can save over 50% in hardware costs by doing the same.

Qt QML vs HTML5 –
A Practical Comparison 

One man takes 160 hours to create a demo application of an embedded system using Qt & QML and same number of hours to create the very equivalent application using HTML5.  Discover how the two technologies compare.

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