Test Center 1.1: Available Now for Download

The froglogic team is excited to announce a major release of Test Center, version 1.1, bringing new features, new tool integrations and performance and usability enhancements to all users of the platform.

Test Center helps teams of any size assess software project health through its capabilities for aggregating, monitoring and analyzing automated test results as an application evolves.

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What's New in 1.1

Azure DevOps Integration

A new extension was developed to support an integration between Microsoft's Azure DevOps and Test Center. This extension adds two Tasks: one to launch Squish tests from Azure DevOps, and a second which uploads results to Test Center. The integration provides traceability between the platforms by enabling a mapping of tests launched in Azure DevOps to Squish GUI tests managed in Test Center.

We've written a how-to blog on getting started with the integration. Check it out here.

TeamCity Integration

New to 1.1 is an integration between JetBrains' TeamCity and Squish Test Center. Through a new plugin, TeamCity users can send their automated results from the TeamCity server directly into Test Center.

Our TeamCity integration page has the full details.

Polarion ALM Integration

New support for Polarion ALM, a test & requirements management and application lifecycle management platform, was added to 1.1. This integration provides traceability and result synchronization between Test Center and Polarion tests. Learn more.

OAuth Support Added

OAuth Authentication support was added for Jira, Zephyr and Xray integrations, providing convenience, security and the ability to work with the cloud versions of these tools.

Improvements to Graphs Page

The graphs page received a major overhaul for improved data analysis. Customizable graphs are now available, with an extended number of statistics available for display. It is now possible to configure stacked or clustered graphs for easier trend spotting; plot statistics side-by-side; or combine them in a custom way.

Improvements to Dashboard & Project Overview

Information listed in the project overview on the Test Center Dashboard was expanded to be more detailed. The name of each batch and the labels associated with a test run are now displayed. A new option exists for retrieving the most recent results for each label value. The Compare functionality is accessible directly from the project overview. Projects can be filtered and sorted to give a desired, and more predictable, listing of projects at-a-glance.

One of our developers has written a blog covering improvements to Test Center's data analysis features, Graphs page and Dashboard. Have a look.

Release Notes

The release notes contain a complete listing all new changes. Read them here.

Join Us For A Release Webinar

We're hosting two live webinar and Q&A sessions on features new to Test Center 1.1. The webinars will take place Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 at 11 AM Berlin time and 2 PM New York time.

Test Center's lead engineer Nico Kaufmann will show you the most important additions in 1.1 through live demos and practical examples. It's free and open to all, and you can register below:

Upcoming Developments

Test Center was built to connect test automation with the entire development process, and our developments focus on making the tool a powerful result management and analysis platform for any team. With our upcoming developments, you can expect to find new integration support with Version Control Systems like Git, support for manual testing efforts, enhancements to Test Center workflows, and improved traceability features.

Test Center Community

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