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The provisions of this Appendix 4 are applicable for companies with an annual revenue, including funding, equivalent to maximum of 250,000 USD (in applicable currency) during the latest full calendar year, as evidenced by duly audited records of the Licensee and approved by The Qt Company (“Start-up Company”). 

Start-up Companies are qualified for a discounted License Fee for maximum of four (4) Development Licenses (“Start-up Development License”) unless otherwise agreed between the parties.  

Start-up Development License entitles the respective Designated User for Support only for Install Support as defined in Appendix 9, Support Terms.  

Upon expiry of the respective Development License Term, the Start-up Development Licenses shall be automatically extended, pursuant to Section 3.1 of the Agreement, for a Renewal Term either as new Start-up Development Licenses (if the Licensee still qualifies as a Start-up Company), or as normal then standard list price Development Licenses (if the Licensee no longer qualifies as a Start-up Company).