Model-Based Testing - What's That Model Good For? with Thomas Piekarski | #QtWS23

Abstract: Software development tends to gain momentum in complexity, and so do tests. How do you test complex applications? How do you find the best path to cover as much as possible with the least tests? Should I go left or right, or turn around? Are we lost? We abstract complexity with models, which we can explain. In this session, we are going to abstract complexity with models. There will be a brief introduction to Model-based testing, and then we will walk the path. We will leverage this concept and Squish to test our Qt application.

About the Speaker: Facing a greeting cursor at a CLI, a compiler running over thousands of files and hanging around with a debugger somewhere in the call stack - now that sounds like Thomas Piekarski. He is a Software Engineer with the Qt Company and has been developing software for the past eight years. For some time, he has been looking up at clouds, doing microservices, and accelerating e-commerce. Another time, he developed in-house solutions for the financial industry. Two years ago, he joined Qt, got into Squish, and is looking for the next issue to resolve with his colleagues.