Squish for Qt 6, VNC & .NET 5 Support - Features of Squish 6.7 | Release Webinar | GUI Test Automation Tool

Squish 6.7 brings with it powerful new features for enhanced automated GUI testing in any context. Lead engineers from our development team will demonstrate the latest additions to the tool throughout this 45 minute release webinar. The webinar is divided into four main blocks, each comprising a 5-10 minute overview and demo, followed by a 2-3 minute Q&A portion for each block. The outline is given below:

0:00 Introduction

0:57 Faster Tech Support via the Squish IDE

12:32 Windows Enhancements: Supporting .NET 5

22:45 Automate Remote Displays with Squish for VNC

38:38 Supporting Next Gen Qt Apps with Qt 6