Dev Days - done and dusted

Dev Days 2009 has been run and won, and it was fantastic to see such big turnouts both in Munich and San Francisco.

The numbers are impressive - Over 1000 attendees, 450 people trained (sold out – up 300% on 2008), one Qt-powered coffee machine, strong attendance at Qt in Education sessions…the list goes on.

Many Trolls made an appearance at one or both events, and we gained a huge amount from getting up close with our partners, customers and the broader Qt community.

Events like this take a huge amount of work, and we thank our speakers (both our customers and partners, as well as our fearless developers who took time out of their busy schedule to create the great presentations) and our own Janine, Kathy, and the rest of the Dev Days crew for their logistical efforts in making it such a success. We also thank all attendees for making the event the valuable collaboration that it was.

Slides of the keynotes are now available for viewing or download.

Next year Dev Days will be back - bigger and better. For those who missed out this year, here’s a taste of what went on. Thanks to Eeva Venta for the video (which is what we have been waiting for in order to publish this posting):

PS - You may have noticed I am a new blogger...I'm David Stone, Qt's new Communications Manager. I'll be taking the Qt story out to the world from now on, and I'm looking forward to contributing to this blog.

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