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Digia demo and Qt in the Palm (Pre) of your hand

You might have seen us tweeting a video Digia made about a Qt Quick demo they showed at Mobile World Congress.

The demo is a great example of how Qt Quick lets developers and designers think in reverse – eg thinking first about making the UI look right instead of thinking first about how to make the UI work.

It features a slick, speedy and powerful UI based around a use case involving navigation, phone and music.

But enough words, here is the video…

On a different topic, a super cool piece of proof that Qt really is everywhere came to us via our community recently.

Proving that Qt really is everywhere, developer Darron Black independently created a port that enables Qt to run on a Palm Pre handset (the Pre runs on the Linux-based WebOS platform). The port enables the Pre to seamlessly and smoothly run a number of Qt demos, including the animated Qt tiles. These apps run within the app launcher and load and quit the same way standard apps do.

Qt on the Palm Pre 1

We have no idea at this stage what Darron’s plans are for this port, however we thank him for getting us a pre-release version to demo at the show.

Qt on the Palm Pre 2

For those who haven’t heard of Darron before, this isn’t the first time he has ported Qt to something; he also got it up and running on an Amazon Kindle as well!

We are really impressed that Darron was able to do this, and we encourage experiments like this among our community (legal proviso: we encourage all hackers to pay attention to terms of use and other licensing on the various platforms they hack Qt onto).

In short however, Qt on a Palm Pre proves two important points:

  • Qt is a framework that can run almost anywhere, and
  • Our community comes up with lots of cool things!

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