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Qt3D Now Available with Qt Commercial 4.8.2

We have concluded testing of the new Qt3D library and made it available for all Qt Commercial licensees. The library provides great functionality that makes it much easier than before to create 3D graphics for both Widget and Qt Quick based applications.


Although, it was already possible to create great looking and hardware accelerated 3D graphics without this new module, Qt3D makes many tasks much easier than before. For example, the Qt3D module makes scene management, asset loading and managing the 3D parts directly with the OpenGL API less tedious while also removing the requirement for external components.


The new Qt3D module offers functionality that benefits 3D application creation for both C++ and Qt Quick. It has been quite demanding to write OpenGL code directly with C++. Qt3D makes this task easier by offering helpers and a nice Qt style C++ API instead of the not-always-so-user-friendly OpenGL API.


For Qt Quick users, the module offers easy–to-use tools for scripting 3D effects with QML. With these you can bring 3D nicely into your existing Qt Quick applications, or create completely new 3D apps faster than ever before.


The Qt3D functionality will also be part of upcoming Qt Commercial5.0release. We think that it is also a valuable addition to Qt Commercial 4.8 and recommend you to have a look. As always for Qt Commercial licensees, this add-on is fully supported by our standard support, so if you have any problems with it, feel free to ask for assistance via your usual support channel.


Qt3D is now available for download via the Qt Commercial Customer Portal for all Qt Commercial licensees both as a standalone component and as an add-on for the SDK users. For more information, please check the documentation inside the Qt3D package.