Small Business Plan

  • 10.1. Am I eligible for the Qt for Small Business plan?

    You are eligible for the Qt for Small Business plan if you meet all three criteria listed below:

    1. You are a registered business in your respective State and/or Country.
    2. Your business has a combined revenue and funding equal to or less than 1M EUR (USD).
    3. You do not need more than three (3) developer licenses for your business.

    You can find all the eligibility criteria here.

  • 10.10. As a Small Business, when should I plan to purchase Distribution Licenses for my product?

    As long as you qualify for a Small Business license, you will have a vaiwer for purchasing Qt for Device Creation Distribution Licenses. 

    This vaiwer is defined in Qt Developer Framework Exhibit 2, section 6.

    If you no longer qualify as a Small Business, all normal licensing terms and conditions as well as prices, including Distribution Licenses, will be applied to your business from the day onwards you ceased to qualify as a Small Business. 

  • 10.11. How do I cancel my Qt for Small Business license subscription(s)?

    To cancel your Qt for Small Business subscription(s):

    1. Log into your Qt Account
    2. Go to the "Payments" option listed on the menu
    3. Go to the "Upcoming Payments" section
    4. Click on the description of the purchase (this is in green-colored font)
    5. Click on "Cancel"

    Your subscription will be canceled upon your next renewal date. When your subscription has ended, you will not be able to access Qt Creator, Qt Installer, and Maintenance Tools, and all your rights to further use Qt sources or modules will end. You must uninstall your commercial Qt. Our tools and modules are only available with an active subscription.

    Note that when you wish to cancel your subscription renewal, you need to do that no less than thirty (30) days before the renewal (Appendix for Qt Development Framework, section 5.1.4).

  • 10.12. Are there any credits issued for cancelling the Qt for Small Business subscription?

    When cancelling the Qt for Small Business subscription, a partial credit may be issued under the following scenarios:

    1. You are found not to be eligible for the Qt for Small Business plan as part of the initial thirty (30) day eligibility verification.
    2. Your subscription was renewed in error.
    3. There was a mistake in the purchasing process.

    The partial credit is calculated based on the remaining unused months of the license purchase.

  • 10.13. Who should I reach out to when I have a Qt for Small Business plan question, but it isn't listed in the FAQ?

    When you have a question and it is not available in the FAQ, please email us at We'll be happy to assist you.

  • 10.14. How do I upgrade my Qt for Small Business subscription?

    You can upgrade your plan as a self-service on your Qt Account Portal payments page, by clicking the necessary license shown in the Upcoming Payments section. Or contact us, and we’ll assist you.

  • 10.2. How do I purchase a Qt for Small Business license?

    To purchase a Qt for Small Business license:

    1. Please visit our online store at; you can find the detailed Small Business subscription descriptions here.
    2. Click on the tab "Small Business", choose your subscription (either ADE-SB or DCP-SB), and click on "Add to Cart".
    3. Select the number of developer licenses. Please note that a maximum of 3 small business licenses are allowed per company.
    4. Click on "Go to Checkout" and log in to your Qt Account to finish the purchasing process (or create a new Qt Account).
    5. Read and accept the Qt Frame Agreement and Qt Terms & Conditions. B company's annual revenue/funding is <$1M).
    6. Proceed with completing the purchasing process and finishing the payment.
  • 10.3. How do I purchase more Small Business licenses if I have one?

    To purchase additional Qt for Small Business license(s) when you already have at least one:

    1. Log into your Qt Account.
    2. Go to and click on the "Payments" option in the menu on the left side.
    3. Once the page loads, click on the description of the purchase (this is green-colored font).
    4. Update the purchase quantity to add the licenses needed (limited to three (3) total).
    5. The system will then calculate a new price for you based on the quantity and send you an email with the additional license(s).
  • 10.4. What is a Qt for Small Business eligibility verification?

    The eligibility verifications are the "automated audit" inquiries referred to in our Qt for Small Business webpage, which are designed to:

    1. Confirm and validate your eligibility for the Qt for Small Business plan.
    2. Complete any necessary compliance related inquiries.
    3. Assist in migrating you to a standard priced license if you no longer qualify for the Qt for Small Business plan.
  • 10.5. When does a Qt for Small Business eligibility verification occur?

    The first eligibility verification occurs within the thirty (30) days of your initial purchase.

    If you are eligible for the small business pricing at the beginning of your license term, you retain the right to use the license(s) for the entire 12-month term.
  • 10.8. What happens if I do not complete the Small Business eligibility verification?

    Unfortunately, this means we will need to suspend your license access and then cancel the subscription to prevent the usage.