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Start-Up Plan

Qt for Application Development for your small business

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Fueling Your Application Development

We want to support the start-ups and indie developers that are at the heart of innovation, just like Qt was 20 something years ago. With this in mind, we have leveled out the playing field for small teams and growing businesses by providing commercial licensing of Qt for Application Development at a significantly reduced cost. We also offer a discount when subscribing to a yearly term instead of monthly.

What’s the catch? No catch and no strings attached. You get full commercial use of Qt for Application Development. There’s no professional Qt support, but you certainly aren’t on your own with access to community support on Qt forums and wiki. There are around 1 million active Qt developers out there with you.

We look forward to seeing what innovation is born from your use of Qt in the months and years to come!

How do we define “start-up”?

You qualify as a small business or “start-up” if your annual revenue is no more than $100,000.

Case stories


“Using Qt and QML allows us to dramatically cut our development time and costs. All of our engineers work on one code base rather than needing specialists for each platform. The Start-up licensing plan is perfect for us as we are still in the investment/growth phase, giving us the full power of Qt for Application Development product with a commercial license.” – Kevin Kavanagh, CEO, Hiri

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“Qt has powered Imaginando products development since day one by enabling a micro sized team to develop products that target iOS & Android on both phone and tablets devices. With the new Startup Licensing program I can now expand my product range and availability at a competitive price. Just perfect!” – Nuno Santos, CEO, Imaginando

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Reduced Costs

Term subscription pricing


  • Breakdown $79/mo.
  • Term fee $948
  • Recurring fees – every 12 months


  • Breakdown $99/mo.
  • Term fee – $99
  • Recurring fees – every month

Not including applicable taxes

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