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Founded as a Qt company, basysKom is a service provider for software engineering of embedded solutions. Our customer-driven development and consulting teams deliver innovative user interfaces for touch-screens, complex middleware and application development as well as embedded system integration.
basysKom is Qt Partner for 10 years now and bring in-depth knowledge with Qt. All of our engineers are Qt
Certified. With our longterm experience and deep knowledge using Qt and C++ in customer driven projects we deliver sustainable solutions to be fast and flexible in maintenance and release cycles while keeping quality and stability on a very high level.
Our experience in working with international entities and heterogeneous teams make basysKom a specialist for removing roadblocks in product development and building leading innovative systems.

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Bitfactor is a highly versatile software development powerhouse experienced in creating top-quality Qt-based solutions. We are headquartered in Oulu, Finland.

Bitfactor on Qt

Most of our Qt related expertise is in creating tailored software on top of Qt framework. We have utilized Qt in projects ranging from smart TVs and mobile devices to the automotive solutions. Bitfactor has also been involved in sophisticated imaging innovation development, where Qt plays integral role that can be used in number of industries and various different use cases. We are also active in the development of the Qt framework. Bitfactor has improved the framework’s versatility, usability and functionality e.g. by developing Qt SerialBus module for general purpose serial bus access which was introduced in Qt 5.6 version. We have also been a contributor to the QtWayland module, on both the compositor side as well as on the client side.

Bitfactor services

We design and develop software for all major smartphone platforms and technologies, web and cloud based services, and embedded systems. In addition to actual development knowhow we also have extensive competences in testing and test automation, and in R&D process development.

Bitfactor is not all about technology implementation but our services include also user experience design domain. Our experts in user experience design know what it takes to build the look and feel in addition to development of the engine behind superbly smooth services. We can deliver basically any part of the required service that our customers need – from concepting to graphics design. We innovate, develop and design digital services to match the customer’s value proposition, as well as the end user’s needs.

We have comprehensive and versatile experience from various industries including banking, finance, healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics and ICT to name a few. Projects vary from small technology consultancy assignments to full turnkey project deliveries.

Bitfactor is different

What makes us different is our unique service portfolio combining wide technology capabilities, user experience design and our active service attitude. We succeed only when our customer succeed.

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Started in 2001 by development enthusiasts, Develer is a software company based in Florence, Italy, providing development outsourcing for Qt based solutions, and technical trainings on Qt technology.

Develer has been an adopter of Qt on both desktop and embedded space since 2003, and was the first Italian company with Qt Certified developers. Our engineers’ expertise comes from having tackled and solved countless Qt challenges in a wide range of platforms; all of our trainers are senior developers.

Driven by the will to promote the Qt platform in Italy, in 2011 Develer bootstrapped the annual QtDay Italia conference, which year after year came to be an important event of aggregation for the Qt community: 2014’s edition was second only to the official Qt Dev Days conference for attendees and talks.

Nowadays, Develer is involved in Qt projects in several areas of expertise: domotics, fashion, avionics, navigation and entertainment.



e-GITS specializes in the design and delivery of custom made Qt based software solutions in the desktop, mobile and embedded space. Our development team has years of experience in concepting, UX design, implementation all the way upto delivery and support in worldwide locations. We use the leading open source and commercial tools for each phase of the software development lifecycle and have more than 15 years of experience building custom applications for customers in Avionics, Automotive, Banking, Insurance and Process Automation.

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As the largest source of independent Qt expertise in North America and with an expanding presence in Europe, ICS provides consulting, training and thought leadership to the Qt community globally. In addition, ICS offers advanced user experience (UX) design services, blending visual art and agile engineering to develop world-class Qt products. Our technical teams take the complex and make it simple, bringing deep Qt development experience and a collective knowledge cultivated over many years of solving a wide range of tough Qt engineering challenges.

ICS provides integrated custom software development and advanced user experience (UX) design for touchscreen, mobile, embedded and desktop applications for leading Fortune 1000 companies. We blend visual art and agile engineering to help our clients develop world-class Qt products that run on everything from embedded and mobile devices to very large touchscreen systems that promote group collaboration. We support many industries, including auto (CAN Bus), medical, semiconductor, oil and gas, aerospace and set top.

ICS’s partnership designation from The Qt Company represents an acknowledgement of our distinctive Qt expertise, while supporting the vision for Qt’s future and enhancing the strong network of thought leadership and growth within the Qt ecosystem.

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Founded by former leaders within the Qt organisation’s R&D division at Nokia, Intopalo has its roots in the framework. We employ several experienced Qt makers, including those actively developing the framework and recognised by the community. Today, we apply Qt across all landscapes, from embedded to mobile to desktop. We constantly innovate to provide better tools and frameworks for our customers and ourselves by leveraging Qt as a platform.

Intopalo’s Qt services are targeted for product development within the heavy industry and industrial Internet segments. We specialise in integrating Qt with web technologies and cloud services, and applying security-critical processes and techniques to these products. On top of an embedded and security focus, we have in-house talent for creating modern fluid user interfaces, fast prototyping, visualisation and 3D graphics, and expanding device creation development to all of Qt’s supported operating systems.

Intopalo is based in Finland and serving industrial customers globally.

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KDAB is the world’s largest independent source of Qt knowledge and provides training, consultancy and mentoring for Qt development. With a global team of Qt experts, our engineers routinely solve even the hardest of problems. KDAB’s trainers are all active developers, ensuring that the knowledge delivered in training reflects real-world usage. KDAB’s products help increase Qt development productivity, providing add-on components, complex widgets and tools built to enhance development.

KDAB Services

When you turn to KDAB for help with your development project, your specific needs, constraints and priorities drive the engagement. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and can work at any level of integration you require. Whether you are looking for an experienced team that will deliver a functional, beautiful and innovative software product to you, or you want an expert opinion on a small implementation detail, KDAB can help. We can take your vision and transform it into working software. We have experience in developing software that serves a wide range of different industries and organizations. Our development services are customized to your needs. Whether you need components developed or an entire system structure and its design, KDAB will do it for you. Our engineers can port Qt 3, Motif, Java, Tcl, GTK, MFC, .NET, Photon and others to Qt 4 or Qt 5. Drawing from our extensive experience in porting complex applications, we have refined our migration process, incorporating dedicated tools and techniques to deliver the best possible results to our clients.Read more about KDAB Services at:

KDAB Training

As developers, we understand the difference between being taught something and actually learning it. Experience makes all the difference. Our training courses provide hands-on exercises that help programmers get the material under their skin. Further, our trainers are not just trainers capable of telling an excellent story – but also developers themselves who come directly from real-world commercial development projects and go back to those projects immediately after their class. Plenty of Qt development “war stories”, time-saving tips and tricks included. Companies like Shell, IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger, Accenture, EADS, Motorola, Ericsson, and Siemens already know their engineers become productive much sooner with Qt after attending Qt training classes from KDAB. Our wide range of courses encompass Qt training, Qt Quick, Cascades for Blackberry 10; we offer in-depth topics including QGraphicsView, Multithreading and Model/View; in addition we do courses in specialized topics including “What’s new in C++11?”,”Modern OpenGL with Qt” and “Testing Qt with Squish”. Read more about KDAB Training at:

KDAB Products

As software developers, we know what it is like to perform the same tasks over and over again. KDAB offers software products designed to make your life easier. We have collected many of our internal tools and software modules into maintained, powerful packages. KD Chart is a tool for creating business charts and is the most powerful Qt component of its kind. Besides having all the standard features, it enables the developer to design and manage a large number of axes and provides sophisticated customization. KD Reports generates printable and exportable reports from code and from XML descriptions. Reports may contain text paragraphs, tables, headlines, charts, headers and footers and more. KD SOAP is a tool for creating client applications for web services and also provides the means to create web services without the need for any further component such as a dedicated web server. KD Tools aims to ease the daily work of Qt programmers by providing a number of well-designed, easy-to-use widgets and non-Gui classes. GammaRay is a tool for examining the internals of a Qt application and to some extent also manipulate it. It provides easy ways of navigating through the complex internal structures you find in some Qt frameworks, such as QGraphicsView, model/view, QTextDocument, state machines and more. Read more about KDAB Products at:



Founded in 2014, Qtomac Pty Ltd specialises in Qt Training and Consultancy services, focusing exclusively on the Australia & New Zealand territories.

Qtomac founding members credentials include: the creation of Trolltech Professional Services, Qt/Qtopia Product & Programme Management and Qt/Qt Mobility Research and Development Software Engineering. Our core staffing is recruited from the previous Trolltech/Nokia Brisbane Development Centre and our mission is to support Qt innovation across the ANZ region.

Our experience in customer focused Qt Professional services spans desktop to mobile, cross platform and cross industry. Our Qt engineering expertise is second to none inclusive of Qt UI, Qt3D development and our passion for Qt is contagious!

Qtomac is incredibly proud of our ANZ and Trolltech pedigree and of our Qt Service Partner status. We are driven to firmly put Australian and New Zealand Qt customers on the map and draw international attention to what this region has to offer from a product innovation perspective. Our enthusiasm for Qt, ability to share knowledge and Qt engineering expertise is available to ANZ customers.

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Tieto is a trusted and innovative connected car, consumer electronics and industrial R&D partner with global presence. We’re passionate about building innovative and well designed user experience, applications and platforms making our customer products stand out. We rely on open technologies enabling cost benefits, quality and compatibility.

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Founded in 2011, Woboq‘s goal is to help its partners out when application performance, tasks or timelines get challenging.

In addition, Woboq implements Qt features and bugfixes for customers. Over the last 8+ years, the Woboq engineers have contributed over 3500 patches to the Qt code itself.

Woboq’s expertise lies in various areas of Qt, from Qt’s core to QML UIs to Qt WebEngine/WebKit. Woboq works with Qt on Desktop, Embedded and Android/iOS.

Woboq is also providing a web-based Qt-ready C++ source code browser that semantically analyzes a project’s source code and helps development teams to communicate about their code in a more efficient manner. A browsable version of the Qt4 and Qt5 code can be found on



Zühlke is a leading technology and consultancy company providing bespoke software solutions and product innovation. We advise, develop and integrate to efficiently deliver solutions of the highest quality. Our multidisciplinary teams adopt a holistic approach to creating solutions using state-of-the-art processes, methods and technologies. We are targeting safety critical or highly available products for medical devices, industry automation, transportation and life-sciences. With over 8.000 projects to our credit over more than 40 years we know how to achieve truly outstanding results for our clients by applying a fresh and unique blend of innovative thinking, experience and engineering discipline.

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As a part of partnerhip with Qt Company Symbio is offering SW development and Quality Assurance services to its customers in multiple industrial verticals. Services cover all from early phase concepting to prototyping and building the actual product/service with needed support&maintenance. Symbio’s unique quality assurance services ensure high quality producsts & services. Symbio serves its customers globally in Asia, Europe and Americas.

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brightONE provides individual solution development for human machine interfaces, communication platforms and multimedia applications in the automotive segments like:

•                    In-Vehicle Infotainment

•                    Instrument cluster / Head Up Display

•                    Driver assistance systems

Based on the product developments proven experience working with Qt technologies brightONE offers:

•                    Development of new Qt based software solutions based on open standards/platforms

•                    Customized UI design services around Qt GUI framework

•                    Qt adaptation to customized hardware platforms

•                    Automatized Testing Productivity Solutions for Qt Embedded, Web and Mobile development environments

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