QtWebKit Releases

QtWebKit is a part of Qt and we've always released them together. With a rapidly growing development community we'd like to decouple QtWebKit from Qt's releases. It is a project on its own, it's developed as part of the WebKit project and therefore deserves its own release. We're going to call the first standalone release simply QtWebKit 2.0.


What does a standalone release mean?

We want to make QtWebKit release available to anyone using Qt, as a source package to install into your existing Qt installation. QtWebKit 2.0 is going to work with Qt 4.6 and 4.7. We will continue to ship QtWebKit in the src/3rdparty/webkit directory in Qt releases, too. It will simply contain the latest stable release. Inside of Qt this will be covered by commercial support.

In the near future we are going to create the release branch and aim for a final 2.0 release in May. I'm going to post future updates about the releasing and branching to our development mailing list webkit-qt@lists.webkit.org.

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