Creating .qch files from Doxygen - Revisited

In June 2008, I wrote about doxygen2qthelp and how to create Assistant-viewable content, i.e., Qt Compressed Help .qch files, from Doxygen. In this post, I would like to further elaborate on showing Doxygen generated documentation in Qt Assistant.

Later, I collaborated with Doxygen's head developer, Dimitri van Heesch. As a result, Doxygen introduced direct support for .qhp and indirect support for .qch (through qhelpgenerator). However, this did not work perfectly, but the Subversion repository contained a fix soon after.

The recently released Qt Quarterly 28 has an article that explains how to make Doxygen generate .qch and .qhp files for you, out of the box. This article is
titled "HTML Files and Help Projects" and is freely available online.

Doxygen 1.5.8 has now been released and it contains this fix. I'm aware that a few days have passed since December 27th, but I believe this news is still new for some.

So, to sum up:

That's it, have a nice day.

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