Qt on Windows using…

Ah, it's once again one of these articles about this wicked embedded platform Windows CE you think?
Nope, not this time. It is still about Windows though :)

As the KDE4.2 release is out and basically everyone talks about it, I got interested myself as well. Being a Windows user myself, I figured that it might be complicated to test this out. But actually there is a project out there, which is exactly targetting people like me: KDE on Windows.

After using the default installer and playing around, I tried out to manually build this thing. By default it uses Qt 4.4.3, but I wanted to go with our repository. Getting some help from the community on #kde-windows at freenode (special thanks to SaroEngels), I managed to let the KDE trunk run against the current Qt 4.5 version.

Now you are probably screaming "Screenshots! Pictures! Videos!" and here you go:

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