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Automate Testing of Your Qt Enterprise Embedded Application with froglogic Squish

This blog post is written by a guest blogger, a long-time Qt testing advocate and the CEO of froglogic GmbH, one of our Digia, Qt Technology Partners, Mr. Reginald Stadlbauer.

While Qt Enterprise Embedded was still under the Digia R&D name of “Boot to Qt”, froglogic Squish sparked interest in supporting automated Qt and Qt Quick GUI testing to also work with the Qt Enterprise Embedded development environment and the Boot to Qt Software Stack on embedded Android.

As part of our Beta support efforts, we set up a Qt environment using an iMX.6 board (see image below for the nifty, 3D printed case we used for the board :-) ) and a multi-touch display. Our porting effort mainly consisted of adjusting Squish's build and packaging system to Qt Enterprise Embedded. Squish's code, which interfaces with Qt and Qt Quick, has been proven to be portable due to the many ports we have done before, and  comfortably works with the out-of-the-box Qt Enterprise Embedded.

At Qt Developer Days Berlin in early October this year, we demonstrated a version of Squish running a continuous, automated Squish test of a Qt Quick application on a Qt Enterprise Embedded device controlled from a desktop PC. We will have the same set up at Qt Developer Days San Francisco (starts today - come and see us!).

Qt Enterprise Embedded Set Up Qt Enterprise Embedded Set Up

Additionally, we are now working on enhancing Squish's support for the automation of Qt and Qt Quick single- and multi-touch gestures. This, of course, will be available to all Qt and Qt Quick platforms, including those on Qt Enterprise Embedded.

More on froglogic & Squish
For over 10 years, froglogic specializes in automated testing of Qt-based user interfaces. We started as a small company founded by former Trolltech developers aiming to create a convenient tool - Squish for Qt - allowing to automate the functional testing of Qt applications on any platform, back then mostly on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X.

With Qt becoming increasingly popular in the embedded software space, froglogic started to make the Squish for Qt GUI Tester available beyond the desktop platforms by adding support for testing Qt on QNX, embedded Linux and Windows.

Throughout the years we grew with Qt adopting the Squish GUI Tester to always support the greatest and latest of Qt. In that process, we added support not only for testing all kinds of Qt widgets but also support for automation of Qt Quick and Qt WebKit elements.Squish's architecture, which separates the test logic from the application under test (AUT), is of huge benefit for testing on devices. Squish's test runner, which interprets the test scripts and generates the reports, communicates via TCP/IP with the AUT. This way the impact (memory footprint, disc space and runtime impact) on the AUT and device is minimal while the test execution and result processing happens on a desktop PC.

Squish architecture Squish architecture

Meet Us & Check Out our Demo at Qt Developer Days San Francisco
We will be present at Qt Developer Days in San Francisco (Nov 6-8) where you can see Squish in action, join our Squish training class or attend our talk on automated Qt & Qt Quick GUI testing with Squish on desktop, embedded and mobile platforms for any questions. Register now at

If you are not at Qt Developer Days in San Francisco and have questions, feel free to get in touch with us ( or visit where you can also request a free trial of Squish for Qt.