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Qt 5.8 Beta Released

I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.8 Beta is now released. Containing all-new configuration system, new graphics architecture with integrated Qt Quick 2D Renderer for devices without OpenGL, build in QML cache for improved startup and many other new features, Qt 5.8 will be a very interesting release. I hope many will take the Qt 5.8 Beta release, test it and provide feedback for us to complete Qt 5.8. For the big picture of the release, see the alpha release blog post.

We have prepared convenient binary installers for the Qt 5.8 Beta, so it is easy to download, test and provide feedback. For any issues you may find with the Beta, please submit a detailed bug report to (after checking the known issues). You are also welcome to join the discussions in the Qt Project mailing lists, developer forums and of course to contribute to Qt.

To try out the new features you can download Qt 5.8 Beta from your Qt Account or from

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