Push Messaging for embedded solutions

To fuel growth, Qt's offering for developers is enhanced with a push notification service by Kaltiot. Developers can focus on their own embedded solutions and take full advantage of the ready-to-use smart connectivity and communication service.

Push messaging is widely used in mobile and web development. For instance, social media services use it to send notifications to mobile phones. Also, Push messaging is essential for industries like automation, automotive and robotics. The need for this functionality is increasing for embedded and IoT devices when more and more messages are pushed by backend service providers, cloud, and other services.

To help accelerate the growth within the automotive, healthcare and IoT sectors, to name a few, Kaltiot is widening its developer support with the Cloud Messaging API, which has been contributed to the Qt framework and is available now as source code through Git.

Developers can now focus on their own embedded solutions and utilize the ready-to-use through the API. The service provides bi-directional, and always online, yet battery optimized communication. By using the Cloud Messaging API, developers can easily create cross-platform applications with Qt and also take advantage of the Kaltiot solution for embedded, mobile and desktop development. The Kaltiot client SDK is designed for automated provisioning and works even in constrained low-end devices in poor wireless network conditions.

The players

Team Kaltiot has developed secure (push) and scalable messaging between devices and services since 2008. The cloud service is trusted by Microsoft among others and their social media partners who transmit notifications to tens of millions of users around the world. Kaltiot Smart IoT is currently available e.g. for Linux32, Linux64, RasberryPi, Mac, Android, and NodeJS. https://kaltiot.com

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