Qt Creator 2.0 alpha

Just over a year ago we released Qt Creator 1.0. Today we are releasing the alpha for Qt Creator 2.0. And the 2.0 release is shaping up really nicely. I'm feeling as excited about the 2.0 release as for the 1.0. We have something awesome and hopefully I can convince you to try the alpha and see for yourself!

But before I do that, some boring numbers, the 2.0.0-alpha differs from the 1.3.1 version by ~2500 commits from 51 people. (Though 28 of those had less than 10 commits.) Of those commits 88 come from Martin Aumüller, who keeps on improving the FakeVim plugin. Edit: Martin is an external contributer. Thanks for everyone who has created a merge request.

So what makes this release 2.0 and not 1.4? Do we number our releases after the years and have a strange myopic year 0? Nah not really.

We are adding two major features.

  • Qt Quick Integration
  • Symbian and Maemo development

Qt Quick Integration
You might have read the announcement about the Bauhaus alpha a few weeks ago. Where the Bauhaus project lead Kai said about QML:"[..] this one will fundamentally change the way slick Qt UIs are designed and look like!" Or you might have read the blog by Andreas a few days ago about a paradigm shift. So let me be yet another one to say: Qt Quick is bloody awesome. Try it NOW! Don't wait for the Qt 4.7 release. :)

Symbian and Maemo development
We had experimental Symbian support in 1.3. Now with 2.0 we want to make development for Symbian and Maemo as easy as for the Desktop.
Seeing is believing:

Please provide feedback through the mailing list or the irc channel #qt-creator on FreeNode.

Finally here is the download link for binaries.

Have fun.

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