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Qt Creator 2.5.0 released

The Qt Creator 2.5.0 final has been released! There are lots of new features and improvements in this release, I'll highlight a few here, some others are probably already mentioned in our beta blog post, and you'll find a more complete list in our changes file.

So, new features and improvements include but are not limited to:

  • You can repeat a recent search with the same parameters with a simple click on "Search Again"
  • "Execute" Locator filter lets you run arbitrary commands in a shell from Qt Creator ("! <some command>") (thanks to Yuchen Deng!)
  • Experimental plugin that shows "TODO" items from your sources (thanks to Dmitry Savchenko and Vasiliy Sorokin!)
  • Experimental plugin for autotools based projects (thanks to Patricia Santana Cruz and Openismus GmbH!)
  • Mac OS X Lion users will we happy to know that QTCREATORBUG-6222 which prevented adding some Qt Versions has finally been fixed
  • A very basic version of a C++ refactoring action that adds an #include for an unknown identifier has been added (move cursor on identifier, press Alt+Return (Option+Return on Mac OS X))
  • A very basic version of a C++ "extract method" refactoring action
  • Improved support of C++11 (nullptr, constexpr, static_assert, noexcept, inline namespaces, auto, lambdas)
  • Rearrange C++ method arguments (thanks to Bojan Petrovic!)
  • New hints and warnings for QML code, including an option to prevent them for specific lines (with a special comment)

Note for Windows MinGW Users

We decided to remove the custom MinGW distribution and MinGW gdb from our Qt Creator-only Windows binary distribution package. The original reasons to include it there (it was the predecessor of the Qt SDK) are since a while now filled by the Qt SDK. Also, updating the shipped version is a legal hassle as long as the binaries are provided through Nokia, but we also don't want to ship stone age versions. We are working on build infrastructure for the Qt Project itself though, that we ultimately want to use to build Qt Creator packages, snapshots, and more. Currently, on, you find Qt Creator snapshots for Linux and Windows, and also a Python enabled MinGW gdb (that reportedly doesn't work on Windows XP). It's still possible to install MinGW and gdb separately and register them in Qt Creator. We are not removing the support for it from Qt Creator.

Previously shipped MinGW:
Previously shipped MinGW gdb:

Up to date MinGW: (we might provide a compact version like the one in the old installer later)
Python enabled MinGW gdb 7.4: (compiled on Windows 7, doesn't work on Windows XP)

Thanks to All Contributors

Too many to include them all here, please scroll to the end of our changes file!


See our Release Page

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