Qt 4.8.3 Released

Today’s blogger and presenter of Qt 4.8.3 is Tuukka Turunen, Director Qt R&D at Digia.

Most of the activities have lately been around Qt 5, but rest assured – Qt 4.8 is still very much alive as well! I am extremely pleased to announce that we have released 4.8.3 today together with the Qt Project. Since the previous release there are over 200 fixes and improvements included to the 4.8.3 making it worthwhile to migrate into for most 4.8 users.

Highlights of 4.8.3 include changes to better support Mac OS X 10.8 and QNX, as well as new WebKit (2.2.3). With over 200 improvements there are many really important ones to talk about, but for now lets just say that there are a lot of other improvements, for example to QtCore, QtGui and QtNetwork modules.

A detailed list of the fixes and improvements, as well as a change log showing differences from Qt 4.8.2 can be found here.

As agreed with the Qt Project, Digia has packaged and tested Qt 4.8.3, which feeds from the Qt Project 4.8 branch. We will keep providing patch releases to 4.8 as long as needed. Currently we believe that at least two more patch releases will be needed. Qt 5 provides high compatibility with Qt 4 and we recommend Qt users to migrate their active projects to Qt 5.0 after the final version release is available.

We have tagged the Qt 4.8.3 release in the Qt Project repository. The source packages and stand-alone installers for Qt 4.8.3 are available for download at For commercial licensees there is also online SDK update available. For more details, please see

We look forward to your feedback and hope you use the Qt Project mailing lists to keep the conversation going.

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