Qt Creator 2.6.0 released

We are happy to announce Qt Creator 2.6.0 final today. If you haven't followed the pre-release blogs, I'll summarize the highlights of the new version here.

The probably most apparent change, that affects basically every Qt Creator user, is that we introduce Kits as a replacement for what were Targets in 2.5 and earlier. There you were adding Targets to a project's configuration, from a predefined set like Desktop or Remote Linux, which were then doing some predefined "magic" things on top of the build, run and deploy configurations that they contained. We went and generalized that into Kits: A Kit contains settings for which device type to develop for (like Desktop or Remote Linux), the sysroot, compiler, debugger and Qt version to use, and potentially a few more. You can define these yourselves, and add them to a project's configuration, where they again contain sets of build, run and deploy configurations. That makes it easier for users to control their build and run environments, and to share configurations between projects.

To define Kits, open Build & Run in the preferences, define your compiler in the Compilers tab (or make sure they were autodetected), add your Qt versions in the Qt Versions tab, and finally switch to the Kits tab and add a kit that uses the previous settings. Then go to Projects mode and choose Add Kit to add that configuration to your project.

On the platforms front we have new experimental support for Android merged into Qt Creator from the Necessitas project. Please check on their pages for more information, a list of entry points has been collected on the Qt Project Wiki. Also new is support for QNX/BlackBerry projects. These are really great news, and lots of thanks go to all that made that happen. On the downside we had to drop support for Symbian from Qt Creator, because of missing maintainer.

Otherwise there are lots of new bigger and smaller features and improvements all over the place. I already mentioned a few in the beta release blog, other examples are full screen support on Mac OS Lion and later, that you now can write e.g. foo.txt:123 in Locator to directly jump to a line in that file, lots of fixes and additions to the qrc file editor, like directly opening and renaming files, direct rebuilding and cleaning of .pro file based subprojects, more C++11 fixes, highlighting of macro usages, and more.

Download from Qt Project (Change log)

Commercial licensees find Qt Creator packages on the Customer Portal

If you are wondering how Qt Creator 2.6 runs on Qt 5, our upcoming Qt 5 Beta 2 release will include Qt Creator 2.6 based on Qt 5.

Update: If you had problems installing on Windows XP, please try again, the installer has been updated with a fix.

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