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Qt Creator 2.8.0 released

Today we are releasing the Qt Creator 2.8 final. If you have followed the beta and rc blog posts you already know what is new in this version. For all others I'll summarize some of the (subjectively) most important news:

  • You can now open extra editor windows, that behave similar to the editor area in Edit mode. Open a new window with Window > Open in New Window or the same  item in the editor views' split menu
  • Progress information moved to the bottom-right corner, with the option of only showing a summarized progress bar
  • C++ got more refactoring actions:
    • Moving function definitions from inline in the header to source
    • Assigning a method return value or ‘new’ expression to a local variable
    • Adding declarations and implementations for virtual methods from the superclass
  • Experimental support for debugging with LLDB on Mac was added (configure the debugger of your kit to be LLDB and point it to your lldb binary)
  •  Features that were added to Android support:
    • Graphical editor for manifest files
    • QML debugging and profiling on devices
  • There is a  BlackBerry development environment setup wizard now, making it easier to get started with on-device development
  • Git version control integration got many new features, including support for interactive rebases
  • Git now uses a side-by-side diff viewer by default, you can change the default in the version control settings
  • An editor specific for Python was added, with highlighting and indentation, and a Python class wizard

There are many more things that I cannot all mention here. The changelog lists also some of the fixes that Qt Creator received. Special thanks this time go to Orgad Shaneh and Petar Perisin for their great work on the git vcs integration, Lorenz Haas for his contribution of the "implement virtual methods" C++ refactoring, and Sergey Shambir for the Python editor. And of course thanks to all of the other contributors that made this release happen, too :) .

Open source download: Qt Creator downloads page (or the Qt Project downloads front page)

Qt Enterprise customers find packages in the Customer Portal. With Qt Creator 2.8 we introduce a few extensions to the Enterprise packages for special use cases regarding Qt Quick. For more information see our blog post on Qt Creator for Qt Enterprise users.

Unfortunately we encountered unforeseen issues with the Qt 5 online installers, which prevent us from providing the Qt Creator 2.8.0 update to them immediately. So, it will come, but unfortunately it will take some time to solve the issues and test the fixes.

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