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最新版Qt 6.3已正式发布。 了解更多。
最新バージョンQt 6.3がご利用いただけます。 詳細はこちら

Qt Data Visualization 1.0 Beta

I’m happy to announce that we have now released the Qt Enterprise Data Visualization add-on 1.0 beta. The implementation has gone through quite many changes after we released the Technology Preview. We have been doing a lot of re-factoring both in the API and in the internals of the implementation so that we lay as solid foundation to further development as possible.

Datavisualization_Beta_Bars Datavisualization_beta_scatter2

Changes include:

  • Support for multiple series (surface not yet supported)
  • User modifiable themes
  • Improved input handling
  • Rotation of items in Scatter and Bar graphs
  • QML antialiasing support added
  • Added missing support for multiple graphs in same window
  • New examples
  • iOS support added

There are some areas that we are still working with the internals of the implementation but in general we are getting close to the 1.0 release. There are also limitations and know issues that have been documented in the README file included in the package.

For further information please take a look at the Data Visualization online documentation at: The beta release is available as source code delivery in the Qt Enterprise Customer Portal.

As always, we are interested in getting feedback and ideas how we can further develop Data Visualization for Your needs. You can reach us by email: Qt.Datavisualization at

Data Visualization is included in the Qt Enterprise License, so it is free to use by all our licensees. You can test out the Data Visualization and the rest of Qt Enterprise by downloading a 30-day free evaluation.

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