Qt Weekly #10: Creating Server-side, Cross-Platform and N-Screen Todo Application with Qt Cloud Services

Today, many applications can be used with native desktop operating systems accompanied with mobile optimized applications and web browser based clients. Qt Cloud Services makes it possible for you to develop such applications with ease. Start developing modern, cross-platform and connected applications that will work on any device with this tutorial!

The backbone of any connected application is the server-side application and logic which is used by client software implementations. This tutorial will demonstrate development of server-side application running on Qt Cloud Services that can be connected from Qt and HTML5 clients.

Technologies used:

  • Qt Cloud Services, Enginio Data Storage - for cloud based data storage
  • Node.js, Express 4.0 - for server-side
  • HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Backbone - for HTML5 web client
  • Qt - for desktop & mobile clients

You can see the final application running at our Managed Application Runtime service http://qtc-tutorial-todo.qtcloudapp.com. Managed Application Runtime is a cloud-based runtime environment for developing, running and scaling server-side applications. It supports supports some of the most popular runtime environments including Qt/C++ and Node.js. It is currently available as Early Access technology for selected developers.

You can also install the native Qt client application from Google Play store to your Android device. With little effort, you could package it to iOS and WinRT. Here's some screenshots of the application:


HTML5 Web Browser Client


Android Client

Qt Cloud Services is available to all Qt users, regardless of the license or version. If you haven't started with Qt Cloud Services already, please sign-up for free at Qt Cloud Services website.

See the complete tutorial for this project. Happy programming!

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