Qt Online Installer Update Released with Optional Qt Account Sign-In

The Qt online installer with optional sign-in to Qt Account is now released. Users of earlier Qt online installers will get this as an update and new users can download the online installer from qt.io or via the Qt Account web portal. Also as promised last month in Lars' blog about the One Qt Site Unification project, we are now seeking your input (via a survey) on what additional services and features, if anything, you would find a valuable addition to your Qt developer experience (DX) and Qt Account functionality.

As announced last week, the new Qt online installer provides an option to sign into Qt Account. If you enter your Qt Account credentials, the installer will check if there is a valid commercial license associated with your Qt Account. You will then be taken through to commercial installation. If there is no commercial license associated with your Qt Account, installation will provide the open-source version of Qt. If you do not have a Qt Account yet, you can simply create one directly via the installer. Just enter your email (this is address to which your account activation email will be immediately sent upon account creation) and the password you wish to use for Qt Account access and proceed to install. If you do not have a Qt Account and do not want to create one, you can simply skip this by clicking 'Next' to proceed with the open source installation of Qt.



The Qt repositories and delivery networks for commercial and open source content are separate, so that users with a commercial license of Qt will have access to their commercial delivery system and the additional content their license grants them access to. Users without a commercial license will be able to install the open source version of Qt from the open source delivery system. If you are already using a Qt online installer, you will be provided the new unified installer when using the maintenance tool. You will need to update the installer (maintenance tool), before you download other items. If you do not yet have an online installer for Qt, you can get it from the qt.io Download page or via your Qt Account portal.

The new online installer is built with the brand new 2.0 version of the installer framework. We have worked hard to iron out all possible glitches of the installer, but in case you have problems with it, please file a bug to bugreports.qt.io. Offline installers are unchanged and still use the older version of installer framework.

Take 5 minutes to give us feedback on what functionality you want from Qt Account services.

We are looking at providing you additional services, as well as offering integrated dashboard-like functionality that will eventually put all your Qt services in one unified place, such as Qt Creator and/or a web portal. Qt Account credentials are currently used for signing in to the Qt Wiki and Forum. Commercial license holders can also manage Qt support tickets and downloads when signed in. We are currently working on extending the use of Qt Account for sign in to other systems, such as bugreports.qt.io. To see a list of current benefits of having Qt Account credentials, please visit our Qt Account Benefits page. We will use your input to further develop our service features road map and knowing what you find useful is integral part of planning what we should focus our resources on. We, of course, hope to implement the most popular features and functionality, but can’t make any promises as to what and when. We'll have more info to share with you at Qt World Summit 2015.

Don’t miss the chance to give your input: Survey open thru Tuesday 26 May 2015.

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