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Qt @ NXP FTF 2016

The Qt Company is a Silver Sponsor with Adeneo Embedded at NXP FTF Technology Forum 2016 where inspiration, training, ecosystem and expertise you need will be provided to boldly face the challenges and opportunities from new markets and ever-changing technologies. 
NXP FTF Technology Forum 2016
May 16-19, 2016
JW Hotel, Austin
The Qt Company, Adeneo Embedded & Toradex in our technical talks during the show: 
Technical Talks:
“Performance Driven GUI Development on Low-Cost Hardware” – provided by The Qt Company on Monday, May 16 at 3:15 PM, 205 – Level 2
Learn how Qt for Device Creation may be used to create advanced user interfaces in a few simple steps. Qt is a cross-platform C++ framework that offers tools to create modern and fluid user experiences. The Qt framework may utilize the OpenGL ES capable i.MX6 or perform simplified rendering for the new i.MX7. We will take a look at Qt and use Qt for Device Creation to develop a GUI application optimized for projects requiring low power and real-time tasks which are suitable for wide-range of industrial applications, while keeping advanced security features to be used in IoT applications—all with confidence and convenience. Attendees will discover how easily it is to enable a low power device with performant GUI effects. This evolution requires virtually no changes to the software or hardware — made possible by the Qt Framework and standardized pin-compatible computer modules from Toradex.
“A Detailed Look on the Heterogeneous i.MX7 Architecture” – provided by Adeneo Embedded on Monday, May 16 at 3:15 PM, Griffin Hall 4 – Level 2
This presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of the new i.MX7 System-on-Chip, a hybrid solution containing a Cortex A7 processor and a Cortex M4 processor. Particular attention will be given to the hardware modules and software counterparts allowing both cores to communicate with each other. This hybrid architecture will be highlighted through various potential use cases/product scenarios and a Qt powered application running on top of Linux along with FreeRTOS will be showcased, focusing on asymmetric processing.
 “A Balancing Robot Leveraging the Heterogeneous Asymmetric Architecture of i.MX 7 with FreeRTOS & Qt” – provided by Toradex on Monday, May 16 at 2:00 PM, Lone Star Ballroom C – Level 3
This technical lecture presents how Toradex built a balancing robot demo application using the new i.MX 7’s heterogeneous asymmetric architecture. i.MX 7 features a secondary Cortex-M4, which can be used for real-time or low-power applications. We will discuss how to make use of the secondary core with a FreeRTOS based firmware implementing the closed loop controller to keep the robot balanced upright. On the powerful main CPU complex, a dual Cortex-A7, Linux is running a Qt based user interface. We will go into details about the rpmsg/OpenAMP based messaging offerings provided by NXP. The robot demo application makes use of rpmsg to communicate between the two independently running processor cores and operating systems.
Please Contact us if you're in Austin during this time or have any comments. 
See you in Austin!

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