in case you missed it…

Hidden behind the great news about Qt 4.5 and QtCreator 1.0 release, there is this:

Qt Software discontinues Qt Extended

But all is not lost, ye fans of open source phones! The Qt Extended source now lies solely in the hands of the community. You can find an unoffical git repo of Qtopia and Qtextended here

Not sure when this will be updated with 4.4.3..
git clone git://

Yes, it is a bit sad when all you have worked for the last 5 years or so gets axed, and we have had a few anxious weeks here in Brisbane finding new things to work on, but hey - when one door closes, another opens!

Qt Everywhere!

and if I may make a personal rant.. would you know it, just barely a week after I bought a mac mini... they announce a new version!

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