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Port of QtWebKit to S60

In the recent pre-release of Qt for S60 we have included a build of WebKit that compiles and runs on S60. This pre-release is an important milestone for this porting effort that started about half a year ago. Hence, I would like to briefly highlight a few things about it:

The main work is finding good solutions for quirks in the toolchain. That includes the ARM RVCT compiler and the Metrowerks compiler used by the emulator on Windows, both with their own unique set of challenges.

The team working on this consists of Norbert Leser and Laszlo Gombos from the Nokia Browser Team in Boston as well as Janne Koskinen from Digia and Kristian Amlie from the QtSoftware Team here in Oslo. In addition Ariya wrote the little but super-cool anomaly demo browser, which is included in the Qt/S60 Tower release. The port is still in early stages, but it's looking quite good already and rather performant.

We've been maintaining the patches in separate repositories and we've been pushing patches in small steps upstream for a few months now. There's still a lot to go, but things are progressing. And the result is looking really cool :)

QtWebKit for Qt/S60 running on 5800 and N87

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