QtWebKit on the road towards Qt 4.6

I don't mean "on the road" too literal, but I think we're on track for a good release, as the following summary of recent changes shows:

  • Kenneth and Antonio fixed the inconsistent behaviour of setHtml() to sometimes change the history and sometimes not. Simply put, setHtml() should not have any side-effects to the back-forward history.
  • Joe, Kristian and Janne fixed support for input methods on S60, so for example logging into facebook from Anomaly on a 5800 Xpressmusic works.
  • Alexis renamed QWebGraphicsItem to QGraphicsWebView, and Raider is now called Twix ;-)
  • J-P Nurmi fixed support for plugins returned by QWebPluginFactory when used with QGraphicsWebView in a canvas: QGraphicsWidget to the rescue.
  • Girish joined the jungle of WebKit hacking and landed initial support for windowless plugins on X11!
  • Jocelyn found out why nspluginwrapper wasn't working properly on Linux and fixed it.
  • After a long period of review (sorry buddy) we finally landed Jakubs split of the XSLT processor in WebCore to support libxslt as well as QXmlPatterns.
  • Carol fixed various bugs in GraphicsContextQt for better CSS shadow support.
  • Holger landed his rewrite of ImageDecoderQt that significantly improves the memory footprint. You can find some background for his work at http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitPerformanceWork

Not all of the above changes are in Qt's 4.6 branch yet, as we're trying to reduce the number of changes for the upcoming beta. But rest assured they'll be in the final release. In the meantime you can always check out from WebKit's trunk :-)

I for one am now looking forward to meet many of you readers at the upcoming Developer Days in Munich and San Francisco.

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