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Qt Developer Days 2011 Munich - Good Times

Authored by: Katherine Barrios, Qt Commercial Marketing

All us Digia, Qt Commercial folks are back from a fantastic 3-day event at this year's Qt Developer Days Munich event. It was great to see so many Qt enthusiasts and really see the vivacity of the Qt ecosystem. A special shout-out to the Nokia Qt Marketing team for putting on a super awesome event!


We had a great amount of traffic at our booth on all 3 days and we were quite pleased with all the demos we had to show. Gladly, they all worked! A special thanks to Midland Valley Exploration for letting us show their Qt-based Move advanced visualization oil and gas desktop product and Eykona for also allowing us to showcase their Qt-based medical wound analyzer camera (embedded Linux) and desktop application (Windows). See some pictures below.

Tuukka Turunen's (our Director of R&D) Wednesday morning Breakfast Seminar talk on the Qt Commercial added features and functions was jam-packed. Tuukka showed the future path of Qt Commercial development and talked about how Digia is working to keep Qt alive and breathe life into many platforms such as embedded Linux, Windows Embedded 7 and Mac. It was great to hear that quite a few customers said "Tuukka's presentation should really have been one of the keynotes." We like.

Our support desk and UX Clinic were swarming with people during the breaks. It was a good opportunity to meet enthusiastic Qt users and find out what their pains and challenges are and help them as much as we could. Andy Shaw (Head of Support) was indeed extremely busy helping folks with pesky bugs. Glad we had him onsite - he's a long-time Qt guru.

We hope that everyone had a good time at the Digia Platinum Sponsor Welcome Reception and participated in the quiz and scarfed down some of the good-old German hotdogs and sausages. Sorry if you didn't win the Amazon Kindle we raffled off. But, I guess we can't all be winners. I am still sobbing over having a red dot on my badge and not winning an N9 during the keynote session on Tuesday. Sigh.


We look forward to Qt Developer Days San Francisco. We have one month to recharge our batteries and will be back in action stateside November 29 - December 1. See you there!

Some Highlights from Qt Developer Days 2011 Munich


Qt Developer Days 2011 Munich Booth 1

Digia's booth at Qt Developer Days 2011 Munich figure 1

Qt Developer Days 2011 Munich Booth 2
Digia's booth at Qt Developer Days 2011 Munich figure 2

Eykona Medical Device

Eykona Medical Device & Wound Analyzer

Magneti Marelli Auto Demo
Magneti Marelli Auto Infotainment Demo on Lupin (Linux)


Qt DevDays 2011 Munich Support Desk
Our Qt Commercial Technical Support Engineers Onsite

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