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No PowerPoint presentations more confusing than a Rubik’s Cube here

Announcing the Developer Unconference Track & call for Lightning Talks at Qt World Summit 2015

We are naturally gifted at connecting to each other personally and at connecting each other’s ideas into something brilliant together. We co-create by feeding off and enabling each other. If you are a fan of peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity read on.

Developer Unconference Track

At Qt World Summit 2015 we give you the opportunity to take a break from the conference agenda and take part in our Developer Unconference Track on Day 2, Wednesday October 7. We will open a conference room for round table discussions that live by the participation of its attendees. We encourage you to engage in discussions around new ideas of how to use Qt, a new module you have been developing, etc. Anything you find interesting and you hope others at the conference will find interesting—and that relates to Qt, of course.

You are not allowed to talk about yourself or show a PowerPoint presentation that is more confusing than a Rubik’s Cube, but rather engage the group in active and constructive discussion. Send us your suggested topics and we will stitch together a schedule and book a conference room. The agenda for each hourly session will then be created at the beginning of each meeting by the participants that choose to attend.

Read more and submit your ideas here.

Lightning Talks

We are also launching a call for lightning talks, if you prefer a more prepared approach to your topic. Lightning talks provide a great opportunity to speak about your experiences, opinions or ideas relating to Qt in a short talk. We welcome any participant of the conference to give a 10 minute lightning talk on any subject of interest to Qt developers. The talk can be about anything really, as long as it has a relationship to Qt. It’s your call as long as a Qt developer or tech strategist would find it interesting. The lightning talks will be strictly time-controlled so that we can get as many talks included as possible in the time allotted.

Read more and submit your proposal here.

We are excited to see how this track will unfold. That’s the beauty of unconferences – they are unexpected. Unrehearsed. Surely not dull. Join us!

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