Qt for WebAssembly - check out the examples!

WebAssembly is now supported by all major web browsers as a binary format for allowing sand-boxed executable code in web pages that is nearly as fast as native machine code. Qt for WebAssembly makes it possible to run Qt applications on many web browsers without any download steps or special server requirements (other than serving the wasm file).

To give you a closer look, we compiled some demos. For best performance, use Firefox.

Here is the complete list along with some descriptions:

An example which renders a Qt logo using OpenGL calls. This example shows that you can also use this for custom OpenGL code.

A larger example of an interesting industry automation use case. In principle, it is possible to show live data retrieved using Qt WebSockets, but this is just showing generated dummy data for illustration purposes.

A gallery of available controls in Qt Quick Controls 2. This shows that you can use Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls 2 to make your web-deployed applications.

A simple text editor, written with Qt Widgets. This example shows that you can also use Qt Widgets to create your web-deployed applications.

So go ahead -- Get Qt from your Qt Account or qt.io/download and try Qt for WebAssembly today and let us know what you think!


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