Dude, desktop applications are so last decade!

Desktop applications may not be the future. In the future, we will put on those goggely thingies and immerse ourselves in a digital world of wonder. A world entirely hosted on servers in safe locations. Servers owned and operated by benevolent companies not at all interested in our private lives. The bandwidth between our goggely thingies and the cloud is unlimited. The connection never breaks down and the data transfer is instant. In this future, there are no malicious hackers lurking around. Safety is intrinsic and absolute. Certainly this is the future, but currently, it remains the future.

Every day, millions of users around the globe depend on desktop applications in order to do their job. Applications controlling systems for electrical power, water, renovation and banking services - just to name a few. We all depend on desktop applications, though we all tend to live more and more in the cloud. There is a multitude of reasons for building desktops applications. Security, control, stability, complexity and network access are just a few of them.

Desktop applications may not be the future, but they are for sure a large part of the present. Desktop applications will not vanish overnight, they will evolve and adapt to the changing needs. While the future remains the future, Qt will be here to support you in creating the desktop applications of tomorrow.

With this in mind, I invite you to have a look at some of the latest success stories written with Qt:

If you'd like to hear more, join me for a live and interactive webinar where I will talk about new and upcoming helpful features, developer experience improvements, and answer your questions related to the present and future of Qt for desktop targets.

Webinar: Desktop Applications in 2019 – The Qt Perspective. Apr 11, 2019 (2pm CEST) Webinar: Desktop Applications in 2019 – The Qt Perspective. Apr 11, 2019 (2pm EDT)



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