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Mar 4, 2021

Commercial LTS Qt 5.15.3 Released

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Mar 2, 2021

Qt 6.1 Beta Released

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Feb 3, 2021

Qt 6.0.1 Released

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Jan 22, 2021

Open-source Downloads Working Again

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Qt Goes Virt Events

Join Qt for a deep-dive into Desktop and Embedded development as well as Design with our free half-day events running from November through January.

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Jan 20, 2021

Problem with Open-source Downloads

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Dec 8, 2020

Add-on support in Qt 6.0 and beyond

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Nov 20, 2020

Qt 5.15.2 Released

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Oct 20, 2020

Qt 6.0 Beta Released

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Sep 10, 2020

Qt 5.15.1 Released

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Sep 1, 2020

Qt 6.0 Feature Freeze Milestone Reached

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Qt for Python

Create User Interfaces with Qt for Python

Qt for Python is the project that provides the official set of Python bindings (PySide2) that will supercharge your Python applications.

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Jun 15, 2020

First Qt 6.0 Snapshot Available

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May 22, 2020

Support of Qt 5.9 LTS Ends in May 2020

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Apr 8, 2020

Qt Roadmap for 2020

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Dec 17, 2019

Qt 5.9.9 Released

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Oct 16, 2019

Frost & Sullivan Presents Qt with its Customer Value Leadership Award

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