Updated VxWorks Port Available

The Qt port for VxWorks Real-Time Operating System has been updated with many new items in the Qt 4.8.5 released today.  We recommend all VxWorks users to migrate to Qt 4.8.5 because of the improvements it offers over the previous Qt for VxWorks releases. As VxWorks is only available for commercial licensing, also the Qt port requires a commercial license of Qt.

Compared to previous release of Qt 4.8.4 there are total of 17 improvements in the VxWorks parts of Qt Enterprise 4.8.5 - and naturally many of the other changes in Qt 4.8.5 benefit also VxWorks applications. For details, please refer to the Qt Enterprise 4.8.5 changes file available within the package, as well as in the Customer portal. More information about Qt 4.8.5 release is found from the release announcement blog post.

The most important new things include:

1. QSharedMemory support for RTP - Provides access to a shared memory segment. This can be used for enabling IPC between Qt RTP applications and native VxWorks RTP applications through the shared memory POSIX APIs functionality.

2. QProcess support for RTP - Provides support for starting/stopping RTP applications, with API to set RTP process priority.

3. QWS server/client support for RTP - Enables running multiple Qt QWS applications simultaneously, with one acting as a server and other as clients. Server application handles the access to the underlying resources e.g. display, mouse/pointer and keyboard.

4. Graphic performance improvements - Qt internally now uses same image format as WindML when rendering with raster engine, which improves performance of all drawing operations as no conversion is required.

5. Qt QAtomic's now work on both DKM and RTP mode - The VxWorks port now uses VxWorks vxAtomicLib to provide atomic operations for Qt's QAtomicInt and QAtomicPointer classes on all supported Qt for VxWorks platforms in both DKM and RTP mode.

6. EGLFS QPA support (DKM) - There is now available a QPA plugin for EGLFS (egl fullscreen) when only one Qt application is used (run). In such use case the QWS is not required, and using EGLFS QPA plugin will reduce Qt application binary size.

7. VxWorks DIAB compiler support - Support Wind River DIAB compiler usage for compiling Qt itself and Qt applications. This also includes on limitation: currently it is not possible to use DIAB compiler for VxWorks simulator, only HW. When using DIAB compiler, all parts need to be compiled with it.

8. Improved developer experience - It is no more required for developer to include vxworkspkgrules.pri file for their application, as all dependencies to VxWorks WindML are now resolved and set by qmake. We have also reduced the number of environment variables needed to set before starting Qt application.

9. Memory optimization - Changing qreal to be on all VxWorks platforms float instead of double, which will decrease memory usage/application binary size.

10. Support for Qt translations is enabled - See for details

Qt for VxWorks is available only under a commercial license of Qt - if you wish to evaluate Qt Enterprise on VxWorks, please contact Digia Qt Sales. For those who already have the needed license, the updated VxWorks port is available from the Customer Portal.


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