Jan 8, 2018

The Qt Company to Showcase the New Digital Cockpit for Connected Vehicles at CES 2018

Software Development Framework Provider and its Automotive Customers and Partners to Highlight Innovative, Multi-Screen Solutions Built with Qt

Espoo, Finland and Las Vegas--(January 8, 2018)The Qt Company (HEX: QTCOM) today announced its participation in the upcoming 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2018. At CES 2018, Qt will showcase a wide range of customer and partner demos for connected vehicles – including Qt’s revolutionary Digital Cockpit with Functional Safety concept – which will highlight the integral role Qt’s technology plays in helping deliver a digital cockpit experience that stands out from the crowd. During CES 2018, Qt will be located at the Westgate Hotel, Tech East, Suite 2010.


According to Business Insider, 381 million connected cars will be on the road by 2020, a 10X increase from the 36 million in circulation in 2015. As a result, automotive manufacturers and OEMs are realizing that the connected vehicle’s interior – including digital clusters, head-up displays (HUDs) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems – has the potential to deliver an immersive digital experience comparable to consumers’ smartphones. However, as these digital cockpits become increasingly technologically advanced, developers are facing challenges in terms of delivering a consistent, user-friendly experience across multiple screens.


Qt enables developers to overcome these challenges by providing the tools to create multi-screen solutions that can be built into one chipset, while combining 2D and 3D user interfaces (UIs) across the various screens. By leveraging Qt’s cross-platform software development framework, developers are able to use just one tool for all screens, resulting in simplified engineering resourcing and the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Furthermore, Qt ensures consistency across clusters, IVIs and HUDs; helps boost productivity; and reduces developers’ time to market for their digital cockpit innovations.


“CES 2017 served as a preview of the endless possibilities for technological innovation in connected vehicles, but this year’s event will showcase how those possibilities have now come to life,” said Juhapekka Niemi, Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development, The Qt Company. “We are extremely excited to give attendees the opportunity to see first-hand what the revolutionary new digital cockpit looks like, and we’re also looking forward to helping developers understand how they can build innovative in-vehicle solutions easier and faster than ever before. Through these highly compelling Built-with-Qt demos, we’re able to illustrate why the digital cockpit is the next frontier for developers who are eager to deliver an immersive user experience.”


Following are details on the demos Qt and its customers and partners will showcase at CES 2018:

The Qt Company

o    Digital Cockpit with Functional Safety

Qt’s flagship CES demo (video here) is a two-screen integrated digital cockpit concept jointly built by Qt and partner Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT), a global IT service provider of innovative technology solutions for several industries, including the automotive sector.

Built with the Qt Automotive Suite, the concept illustrates interdomain communication and cross-domain graphics. Applications running in the Linux domain display content on both the center stack screen and the instrument cluster screen. Meanwhile, the Qt Application Manager, together with Qt Wayland and the Qt Compositor, make it easy to build multi-process UIs and incorporate external applications, such as the HERE Navigation engine. Qt is the only tool to unify all UI needs for the digital cockpit.

o    E-Bike Instrument Cluster on Low-End System-on-a-Chip (SoC): This demo is an e-bike instrument cluster concept designed and implemented in cooperation with Gofore, and the concept highlights how Qt brings HMI designers and software engineers together by using the same tools, enabling cost-effective, rapid prototyping through collaborative workflows.

o    Qt 3D Studio: This demo showcases Qt’s new 3D design and development tool, which provides a 3D UI authoring system for software developers and graphic designers. Qt 3D Studio offers real-time editing of UIs; powerful 2D/3D UI authoring technologies including Qt's libraries; and an open, plugin-based architecture for rendering, input, materials and effects with easy access to all source code.

o    Reuse 3D designs in 2D instrument clusters: Qt helps OEMs bring a consistent experience to HMIs across high-end and low-end models through seamless transition between 3D and 2D HMI tooling, and this demo replicates the 3D cluster designed and implemented in Qt 3D Studio, but converted into 2D on a low-end SoC typically for low-end car models.


Symbio: At CES, Symbio – a digital services and R&D company - introduces Elysian, an infotainment solution that provides unprecedented value for automotive manufacturers, as it brings new wireless Apple and Google services inside the car and provides scripted and fully customizable user interface with Qt. Elysian is pre-certified for Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Baidu Carlife and Smart Device Link, which reduces vehicle time-to-market through an accelerated certification process.
Siili: This demo is an instrument cluster for electric vehicles (EVs) designed and implemented with Qt 3D Studio by IT service management company Siili, to support indoor (garage) navigation view in 3D. The base of this concept is the real model of garage from Berlin, and the demo uses the 3D garage model to showcase a complete instrument cluster for EVs (with battery, power consumption, energy recuperation info).

Parrot Faurecia Automotive: The Parrot Faurecia Automotive demonstrator showcases Parrot’s unique know-how in software development and electronics design combined with Faurecia’s systems integration capabilities across the full interior – including the instrument panel and the seats. Parrot Faurecia Automotive embedded Android-based infotainment system, built upon the Smart Antenna O3+ and the HMI Brain, offers the vehicle occupants a rich multimedia experience (apps, navigation, music, video, etc.) bridging the best of the automotive and the smartphone worlds. The HMI Brain runs Android, the apps, frameworks such as Qt and drives three large displays simultaneously, while the Smart Antenna O3+ handles radio reception, vehicle & telephone connectivity. This open system is scalable and able to keep up with the consumer electronics industry. Parrot is located within the Faurecia booth: Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Plaza, CP-3.



CES is the world’s leading consumer electronics event and showcases more than 3,900 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. The event hosts 170,000 attendees from 150 countries and features 300+ conference sessions. For additional details on CES 2018, please visit: http://www.ces.tech/


For further details on Qt’s offerings for the automotive sector, please visit: https://www.qt.io/qt-in-automotive/


For further details about Qt at CES 2018, please visit www.qt.io/ces-2018


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