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Iori Ayane - Qt Champion


We start the introduction of the 2015 Qt Champions with Iori Ayane who is an active participant in the Japanese Qt scene.

Qt is big in Japan, Iori is the second Japanese Qt Champion in two years. There is a really impressive community of Qt users in Japan with regular meetups and activities.

Iori first saw Qt at a workshop in Nagoya in 2011 held by Suzuki-san (Qt Champion 2014).

The thing that really resonated for Iori was Qt Quick, which he immediately started using after the workshop and hasn't stopped since.

Among the projects he has made are:

  • a Twitter client, that he used as an introduction project for himself. It started off as a Windows Mobile project, but worked on multiple platforms including all desktop platforms, Android and Meego (Nokia N9)
  • A space invaders style space shooter, that was coded in under a week. (The graphics are fan art for Madoka ☆ Magica, a Japanese anime)
  • An Android custom theme viewer application, used for viewing Android custom themes on the PC while you create them. It works with a Japanese custom Android ROM.
  • A tool with which you can play web games and easily share screenshots from them to twitter. It's a web browser with tools specifically to take screenshots and share them.

While Iori has coded a lot, the thing that sets him really apart is that he has written several books on Qt in Japanese. This also started much like his coding with Qt Quick. After coding with Qt Quick for a while Iori felt that Qt Quick is such a wonderful technology that it should be more widely known. However there were no books in Japanese at the time. Iori had written about Qt Quick on his blog, but it felt limited, so he wrote an introduction to Qt Quick in Japanese and got it published with the help of friends.

IoriAyane Iori presenting Lars Knoll with his books at Qt Contributors' Summit 2015.

On top of all that Iori has also been translating the Qt Installer Framework to Japanese and last year he started committing patches to Qt based on his translation. As a side project from the Qt Installer Framework work, Iori has written a book on the Framework and it has also been published.

The thing that has really impressed Iori in the Qt Community is that everyone is accepted as part of the community. The Japanese Qt community has grown as more people know about Qt and they have regular meetups and workshops in several locations.

Iori himself started with just making small hobby programs and has now made several books and patches to Qt. He likes to tell people about Qt and how easy it is to get started with Qt.

Again, congratulations to Iori on the title of Qt Champion 2015!

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