Mar 24, 2011

Qt Contributors' Summit - Update

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Mar 16, 2011

Save the Date – Qt Contributors' Summit

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Feb 28, 2011

Bringing Qt applications to Android - a quickstart video

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Oct 29, 2010

Making auto-testing easier

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Dev/Des Days 2021

Many session recordings are now available on-demand in the Qt Resource Center.

Check them out now!

Oct 26, 2010

Qt is going modular

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Nov 24, 2009

Qt Créateur - Qt Creator is also in French

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Oct 27, 2009

New blog and new bugtracker

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Sep 15, 2009

The future of S60, branches and contributions

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Jul 1, 2009

On the look-out for good people

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May 27, 2009

Build Qt with S60 5.0 Public SDK

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Qt for Python

Create User Interfaces with Qt for Python

Qt for Python is the project that provides the official set of Python bindings (PySide2) that will supercharge your Python applications.

Get Qt for Python

May 26, 2009

Qt for S60 repository going public

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May 25, 2009

Animations and state machine APIs in qt/master

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May 11, 2009

Qt Jambi 4.5.0_01 released, contributors wanted

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Feb 11, 2009

A French tutorial for “Mignon 4.5″

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Jan 30, 2008

About the Nokia acquisition

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