Dec 11, 2017

Built with Qt: Continental Engineering Services


Continental Engineering Services (CES) is the ideal engineering and production partner for solving technical challenges within the automotive and industrial sectors. Together with The Qt Company Continental Engineering Services is providing Automotive OEM’s with high quality user interfaces.

Continental Engineering Services

Continental Engineering Services provides technology and expertise with the flexibility and speed of small engineering teams combined with the strength of an internationally leading company. It’s adaptability enables established mass production technology to become a reality for small series and applications at economical costs, allowing the production of high-end cars and motorcycles with high performance and limited availability.

Qt Development Framework has been an integral part of CES’s projects to build instrument clusters for sports cars and motorcycles. With Qt for Device Creation, Qt Quick and Qt 3D, CES Engineering team has been able to develop high-quality 2D / 3D instrument clusters for their customers.  “Qt has proven to be a very good framework for creating different types of clusters and IVI’s. We concentrate on delivering special projects with high-quality requirements.”, states Project Manager Continental Engineering Services.

Products in use:

Qt for Device Creation is a commercial offering, providing a fully-integrated software development framework for creating embedded devices and systems targeting Embedded Linux as well as QNX and INTEGRITY real time operating systems (RTOS).

Qt Quick is a modern user interface technology that separates the declarative UI design and the imperative programming logic.

Qt 3D provides functionality for near-realtime simulation systems with support for 2D and 3D rendering in both Qt C++ and Qt Quick applications.