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# Shortcuts

Shortcuts are the difference between a nice-to-use editor and a professional editor. As a professional you spend hundreds of hours in front of your application. Each shortcut which makes your work-flow faster counts. Luckily the developers of Qt Creator think the same and have added literally hundreds of shortcuts to the application.

To get started we have collection some basic shortcuts (in Windows notation):

  • Ctrl+B - Build project
  • Ctrl+R - Run Project
  • Ctrl+Tab - Switch between open documents
  • Ctrl+K - Open Locator
  • Esc - Go back (hit several times and you are back in the editor)
  • F2 - Follow Symbol under cursor
  • F4 - Switch between header and source (only useful for c++ code)

List of Qt Creator shortcuts (opens new window) from the documentation.

# Configure Shortcuts

You can configure the shortcuts from inside creator using the settings dialog.